«I forgot my phone» is a sad video about all of us

I zabuv phone

In the morning I Wake up to the alarm that you configure on my smartphone. During Breakfast (I eat Breakfast alone, because my friend is a freelancer and it can be a long sleep) browsing his instagram, Vkontakte and twitter. On the way to work I listen to music on it. At work from time to time I go to Avocado to be nice and send her friend a kiss. A special app helps me to calculate how many miles I ran and how many calories are dropped during this time. I’m afraid that my bid on eBay will kill? A special app saves me! One day my friend even noticed that we were in a hurry for a bike ride with our friend and decided a quick snack. The food was cool and we spent a few minutes to photograph it and post it in instagram. Do you understand? Does that sound like the behavior of people who are in a hurry?!

What I want to say? Watch this video. As they say, I’ll just leave this here.

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