I can tell you about the life of travelers


People who travel around the world, understand life much better than ours. Why? Not too difficult to explain. I did a little ridden and is ready to share with you some of my observations. First, when you’re on your way, you inevitably meet new people, so, better to know human nature. You learn to communicate with different people, maintain different conversations, steer the conversation — and it means a lot. If you go abroad, practice a foreign language, and it’s also worth a lot. Secondly, when you’re on the road, you often find yourself in difficult and unexpected situations, and teaches you stress resistance. With you anything can happen, and you will have to deal with it. I went myself including hitchhiking from lake Baikal to the Crimea — not the largest, but not the smallest journey. What I learned on this trip? It makes no sense to worry because everything will be settled and without nerves. And here are some things that travelers know better than us.

1. All and all I want about the same

The difference between the Italian millionaires, homeless Brazilians, Dutch fishermen and Filipino computer programmers, in principle, one: their speech. Otherwise, we are all very similar to each other.

We all want recognition, love, security, enjoyment and hopes for a better future. We are talking about this different move towards these goals, but desires are similar. When you will disregard superficial differences, you will understand that we are all the same.

2. To postpone happiness for the future is a bad idea

Too many who think that through the years all will be well. It is an illusion.

When you get something that very long sought, there is always one thing missing. Not is permanent happiness: does happiness of the current moment, but we can learn to be happy with what you have, live now and enjoy the progress and changes.

If your whole life is only work, striving for something great that lasts for years, the happiness you can not see. You can continue this work, but cease to associate with her happiness.

Take your time and enjoy. Enjoy the game, without waiting for the final. The present is all we have.

3. «Once it’s my time» is garbage. You don’t win the lottery. Any practical

People have a strange idea of how luck works: that if they deserve something good to happen, it will happen. You may not be so lucky. Even if you deserve it.

Such thoughts are the result of misconceptions about the way of life. I may be wrong and all the good characters in the end of the book always live happily ever after, but why not get out there and help myself?

I don’t believe in magic and fairy tales about astrology that we are governed by some unknown force. These things I’m a skeptic and think everything is funny, and this belief has made my life richer just. I am a practical person and see the world as logically arranged place with physical and social laws, knowing that all of this helps us to live.

The universe doesn’t owe you anything, you are your own fault. From this and dance.

4. Fate does not exist, and that’s great news

Destiny was the standard excuse for most people when they had to say why they don’t. So, it does not exist.

Nobody sets your limits: where you have to be born, what genes you have, how much money you have, how old you are, what you did and why you failed.

You self-define yourself something you earn, regardless of a higher power. What does this do for the power?

5. Living well is the best way to convince others

Enough words and disputes. Just be the example, and soon people will be on your side when you see the results of your labors. No need to convince anyone. Just show who you are, show me what you got and they will begin to understand that you’re normal type.

6. Everyone has problems

Do not think that others live simply. You only see what people decide to show you. You have no idea what is happening in their life and their head.

This applies to all: millionaires, students, the cool boys, party people, introverts and everyone. Do not assume that someone good life, not knowing everything.

7. Money will never solve your problems

If you don’t live on the street and not miss it, you don’t need the money. When you spend enough time with those who live around you, you know I’m right. All the important things in this life are not bought for money, and everything else is cheaper than you think.

8. Things own us

Understand why you constantly want to buy more expensive stuff: you just want the recognition of others. You don’t need these things to survive. The need to buy new useless crap locks you in the house with the furniture and curtains and controls the money you earn. So you can’t make your life richer. The less you have of things the better.

9. The modern culture of other countries does not justify your expectations

Every country in this world is becoming more modern, which means you’ll see everywhere about the same. You will not find there something extremely authentic. Leave these stupid stereotypes to tourists in Panama and understand that life develops everywhere. Not all Irish people drink, not all Brazilians dancing and playing football, not all Germans are terrible.

10. Do not hurry

In many countries where people do not rush headlong, life flows much wiser. Everything is much faster because it is done wisely. Take it easy and don’t rush.

Enjoy every bite of food, walk slowly and look around, do not rush to kill as quickly as possible and carefully listen to what you say. In the middle of your day, close your eyes or look at nature.

11. Trying to be cool bad idea

So easy to lose individuality. Be yourself and swim against the tide, if you like. Now that’s cool, next year will be rubbish.

12. Wear sunglasses

Seriously. The sun makes you cry.

13. Enough so a lot of thinking — do

People are thinking of how to do that, or the other. We too analyze a lot of their actions and eventually do nothing. The wrong way to go.

14. Dance and sing songs at the first opportunity

This is a cool way to Express your emotions. Kind of makes you feel good.

15. Find new friends easily

I like to travel alone. Come somewhere where you know no one and start this way. You have no links, but you can find them. Start hanging out with people. It’s very interesting.

16. Alone not alone

In a world far more lonely people than you think. Even revolving in several circles at the same time, it is possible to feel more alone than not doing it, because nobody understands it properly. Many get married or something drastic and change their lives also lose social connections.

In General, around the world has a lot of single people. And I like to think that like me a lot. I immediately stop feeling lonely. No one is in the same situation, but many know what I mean.

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