I bet you didn’t know?

1. In the mid-sixties the next Barbie doll was released along with a book called «How to lose weight?». One of the tips was surprisingly simple and succinct: «do Not eat». By the way, poor Barbie was accused of promoting unhealthy standards of beauty and anorexia. Here you got it.


2. First webcam shot maker. It allowed researchers at Cambridge to monitor how it coffee, staying at their tables. Cunning!

Persha webcam

3. When Einstein was asked what is the speed of light, he replied: «I do not keep this information in mind, it is easy to see in the book.»


4. Records of Marie Curie are still radioactive.

records of Marie Curie

5. In 1979, Japan invited British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher 20 karatista to protect her at the international summit. Mrs. Thatcher refused.

Margaret Thatcher

6. Before Google launched Gmail, «G-mail» was a domain that was free to make soap on the site of Garfield.


7. During the cold war, the US dumped on the Soviet country a gigantic condoms labeled «medium size».

20 interesnyx facts about everything in 0161675098

8. Nikola Tesla on Thomas Edison: «he had no hobby, he was not interested in any fun and lived in complete disregard of the most elementary rules of hygiene».


9. In Super Mario Bros, the bushes are just clouds colored green.


10. When fruit flies are suffering from parasites, they are treated with liquor: looking for food with higher alcohol content.


11. In colonial America, lobster was not a delicacy. They were in abundance, and so cheap. Lobsters were fed to prisoners.


12. Before coffee became a popular morning beverage, many Americans drank beer for Breakfast.


13. In 1493, Columbus thought he saw mermaids. He wrote: «They are not as good as they are described, mermaids are more like men.» He probably meant the manatees.


14. In 1917 letter to Winston Churchill, Admiral John Fisher used the expression OMG.


15. In 2007, the CEO of Microsoft said that «does not see iPhone likely to take a more or less significant niche in the market.»

purshia iPhone

16. The first ATMs was considered a bad invention, because their only customers were «prostitutes and players, who did not want to deal with Bank officials».

Perche ATM

17. There is a syndrome of the Truman show, in which the patient believes that is the hero of an imaginary reality show.

Truman show

18. In 1940, Mao Zedong told Henry Kissinger that China a lot of women and they could give the U.S. 10 million Chinese women.

Kissinger brought

19. The male giraffe determines a female is pregnant, the taste of her urine and depending on it decides to continue the courtship or not.


20. The rider Luciano Pavarotti includes an item that requires close artist was not noise and «certain smells» — what is he trying to Express?

Luciano Pavarotti

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