I am sure that these thoughts visit you daily

When we grew up and began to run, we have much more reason to worry. There was stress, there was a desire to be important, but there were various neuroses, which may be related to the fact that we don’t know what to do next and know that the work we chose for this time is complete bullshit and does no good for us. All these thoughts always visit us every day, some more often, others less. But don’t say they’ll never visit.

1. If I was in a car accident, I would now be closed. Although my boss didn’t seem to give it to me, even if I would have died.

2. If I was in a serious accident, I would have given many people the day off.

3. The homeless are definitely lucky: they have each day off.

4. Dogs, too lucky. All they do every day: sleeping, eating and shitting. And this is just three of my favorite classes.

5. Maybe I forge a relationship? Then I could spend a few weeks in rehab.

6. To be honest, well, I don’t have a pet because it would have died. I would even tamagochi killed.

7. If I get injured in the workplace, I’ll be happy if I won the lottery.

8. I would like to see the boss began to harass me. I would have to sue him in court. Oh yeah, it’s not the country…

9. I wouldn’t mind a couple of rest days

10. How much I need to drink on weekdays, so I became an alcoholic? I don’t think that really a lot.

11. Hmm, maybe I have an addiction? You can go through the rehab?

12. I can’t even get mad at my boss that he is already a year can not remember my name. If I were in his place, I would not have remembered my name. All of the staff here sucks.

13. Sometimes I think that playing the sweepstakes is a good idea.

14. If in the office it would be something like «battle Royale», «Runs» or «the hunger games», I probably would have won.

15. I want «Running man» carried out in my office.

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