I always do the right thing: plans for the future

plans for the future

It annoys me when someone asks about my plans — not something in the future, but even for the evening. I just feel cornered, with their backs against the wall a person need to have a plan for every moment of his life. I think many will understand me.

But if you look at the need to plan on the other hand, there is nothing wrong there. You’re just trying to most efficiently allocate your time and effort to work with the greatest impact and achieve exactly the results that you need. Not a bad thing. It’s much better than helplessly shrug and not know where your life is.

Great plan

You live as you like, or you’re constantly loading itself, it is not clear where are «necessary», trying to earn someone else’s approval? To be Mature is to know what you want, what are you fighting for and what are you going to do. The man always has a plan, especially for important things like his own life.

Today, however, many men sail through life, lazily letting things just happen to them. Perhaps you’re one of them. I did not just rely on chance — and, incidentally, always felt because of this crap: that is the residue of undigested food that sweeps over the waves. This depressed feeling: you live and understand that life is not missing your goals, but how to get it, this goal quite clear — and here you already feel the existential stalemate and the rush to eat a jar or two of spinach like Popeye: maybe will. At least I have all of it is true. Have you ever been gripped by a feeling of helplessness and anxiety that you could not cope?

Today we put an end to it. We will begin to create a plan for your own life. It is logical that to follow the plan more practical and easier than to make decisions as God put per capita. We even made you a detailed manual.

Need time and tools

Life plans — the sort of thing that requires effort. Do not think that in an hour you’ll get there. You have a lot to think, to write, to ask myself the questions — it turns out to be surprisingly difficult and exhausting work. Ideally, you should dedicate to this activity the whole weekend. Go to the forest or sabores home and give yourself time to think.

If you like this way to spend a weekend you don’t like it (I now just do not like it), you can do this with breaks so you have time to think.

Where to record all their ideas? It all depends on you. If you are a child of the XXI century, can use a text document. Personally, I like to write and record plans in a notebook. So I’m more interested in the process, and I think better with a pen than a keyboard.

That’s all the tools. And now let’s start.

Define their roles and set priorities

We all play different social roles during their lives and even during the day. You are the man, the worker, as citizen, etc. To make us comfortable, we need to get used to each of them. Our success largely depends on our social roles, but before you start to work on yourself in different aspects, it is necessary to make a list of all these roles. All that comes to mind:

  • husband/boyfriend;
  • son;
  • brother;
  • friend;
  • grandson;
  • employee;
  • leader;
  • creative personality;
  • student;
  • the tenant;
  • citizen.

It’s just something that occurred to me. In fact, the list can be much longer.

Very often men experience stress and depression when they are not growing in terms of playing their social roles. For example, the man wants to be an entrepreneur, but works a regular job, and when he was faced with a choice: to work on my future business or to hang out with friends, he always chooses friends. As a result, he does not develop himself in the social role of the businessman and not developing in this direction, feeling overwhelmed.

It is therefore good for you will help your list of social roles, among which will need to prioritize. So, these roles much, but look — maybe some of them are constantly loading you too and brings you only stress? Maybe there is a social role that is not important to you and do not bring you pleasure? This can be objectively a good role, but you don’t have to succeed in everything: the best is the enemy of the good.

Identify the target for each of the social roles

When the priorities between the social roles placed, it is time to define the purpose for each of them. Without a purpose we feel lost. Goals help make decisions.

How to set a goal? For example, imagine your funeral. A little creepy, you know, but effective. Imagine who will come back. There will be people from different areas of our lives: family, friends, boss, colleagues.

What each of them say about you? What a beautiful word? What memories they will keep of you? What will they remember you?

Now take a paper and write down all of their social role in the column. Leave place next to each of them to reveal their contents. Write what you wanted to hear about himself as a man, employee, etc.

Take your time. If you listed what you do not have, but what I want to achieve is to be your goal.

Define goals for yourself

With social roles is clear: for some of you, for others another. But that is because some important point: to get anywhere and progress as much as possible, you need to grow as a person. Define goals for myself.

Let it be large and long-term goals: what are you going to move for a long time. It is very important that it was your goal, not what you think you should aspire to. Do not force yourself. If you want to roam the world with a backpack — welcome. If you’re a home guy who wants to achieve career heights — welcome.

Those are the areas in which it is worth setting a goal:

  • health;
  • career;
  • Finance;
  • intelligence;
  • spirituality;
  • travel;
  • contacts with people;
  • a way of life.

Now you have a to-do list almost to the end of life. Now we have this pile to choose five goals that you want to come over the next five years. There can be both large and not very significant.

Choose goals and achieve them before their time, who for himself will appoint. Want to lose weight — set how much you have to throw for a month, and stick to the plan. Want to repay the debt — calculate how much to pay every month to cope in a certain period of time.

Think about what surrounds you

Before to achieve what we want, we need to understand where we are now. Check out their social roles and the areas in which you have decided to work on myself. Write down what you have now — your starting point. To any brutality honest with yourself. Not podslushivaet pill. It won’t do any good.

Description of the situation should be clearly structured. Just a few thoughts, or even the stream of consciousness in a few paragraphs.

Think about specific steps

When you have determined the current state of Affairs, you become clearer what you should do now. Write the title «My actions» and write out their social roles and personal goals. Under each role and goal, write down five specific actions of which you’ll begin to move towards them.

What can I do today to get closer to your goal? To change the reality?

Watch the progress and make amendments

Congratulations! Here’s the plan.

Now, your anxiety and insecurity needs to give way to determination. However, planning for the future — it’s not something that is done once and for all. It is necessary to check regularly, as you advance towards the goal: keep up with your schedule, nothing forgotten. Nice once a month to review their plans (once a week or once every couple months) — it helps not to go the distance.

Sometimes on the way to the goal due to unforeseen circumstances and the plans you have to make adjustments. Sometimes you succeed, and you should put ourselves new. So you’ll never get lost on your life path.

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