Hygiene for a man

There are a number Musculine stereotypes that prevent us to take care of themselves. Someone said that the cream is fu man to touch it is not entitled. Someone is sure to wax the hair — the normal case. Some even disdain deodorant and regular showers. And someone has to do Conchita Wurst. The eternal question tormenting the man: «How not to run themselves, but it doesn’t turn into a metrosexual!?» You don’t have to be a metrosexual to look good. What nonsense: I work for myself — so, Narcissus, who is not ashamed to do a selfie? A normal guy stinks and farts?

Here are some simple tips that are easy to incorporate into their lives to look better, to impress women, to prove to your parents that you’re a real adult, or just to make yourself better.

Perfection will leave women

Afraid to look fan of Conchita? In any case, remember that everyone has their own graduation «gay men». It will not please everyone!

Do you love to dress up like a biker or hipster — it’s your choice. The main thing to go in this case to the end. Hipsters with messy hair seems as strange as business man with gold teeth, like a Gypsy in the films of Kusturica. Want to create a specific image, even a simple guy in a plaid shirt and with a backpack — make this image complete.

If you’re too diligently monitor their appearance, it is very well seen, and it deserves censure. You know, metrosexual is not the man, who is dressed with taste, looks good, this is the dude who overly tries and loves to follow her appearance. And this is the lot of women, and not the best of them. Your appearance shouldn’t be something perfect. A little chaos doesn’t hurt anyone. Perfectly floppy hair, boring garbage.

From the toilet tank

Your jeans can look clean, but if you don’t remember how long ago you their rights is a bad sign. Often we do not feel the unpleasant smell that comes from us. Let it be subtle, but it’s definitely annoying. Test how dirty your pants, you can use the iron with steam generator. A couple of times picni steam cloud on jeans, and if the surface of the powder will act as a RAID, it’s time to wash. And in General, get in the habit to send the pants in the wash every week. Will be less unpleasant smells in public transport.

Razors, soap, toothpaste

«This man that should be enough! The head can be washed with soap and water, do not have a shampoo.»

Dude, that’s bullshit! Do not try to wash your hair with soap, if it is not to wash your hair. Also avoid generic tools, which supposedly you can wash your hair, body, bowl, cat, and kitchenware. It is obvious that something from this list it may not do well. After your hair will turn into dry, stiff straw, and the clothes will cover the layer of dandruff, you’ll remember our words. Buy shampoo that suits your skin type head. If you do not understand, leave it to a woman, but you better hearken to the process. Greasy hair with an unpleasant odor repel the ladies! In addition, you with them you look like a schoolboy whom nobody ever will.

If you have skin problems, buy a scrub or gel. There is nothing effeminate. Now, if you bought a series of masks, ointments made from the hair of the Cherokee Indians and wore it every day before Breakfast and dinner, then Yes. And you just to clean and rid skin particles.

Lipstick, gels for hair and foam

It’s a bad idea, if you’re not a rock star.

Deodorant and Cologne

Deodorant somehow also blamed masculinity males. But if you work out or sweat too much for comfort, we need at least some kind of protection from odor and perspiration, so if your «dauber» doesn’t smell like strawberries or apples, we do not see in it anything terrible.

Cologne need to impress, to clap himself after shaving the face and just have a good smell. In this also there is nothing wrong, women like when you smell awesome!

Not my face soap

It is very dry skin and pulls water from it. Use a gel or face scrub. It’s clean at the same time is abrasive, and I absolve you from your subcutaneous fat, which is quite unsightly, sticking with you until now. If you have very dry skin that cracks at any time of year, it’s absolutely fine to use the cream. Just do not buy the cream for the right age, face, hands and other body parts. Buy a big jar of cream on nairboi-based, odorless. Use when the skin is weather-beaten or when it starts irritation.

Sunscreen in the heat

To think that to protect ourselves from burns — destiny of women — an extremely stupid idea. To walk with a red face and blistered, suffer, swear, and watch as your skin slides like a zombie, not the best choice. If you’re at sea, use of the cream mandatory, the sun’s rays are bad for health and skin, considering the fact that they are much dry skin and make your epidermis in the unpleasant to the touch the parchment. Don’t be silly!

Liquid for rinsing the mouth

If you have bleeding gums or bad breath, use it. The elixir will help to freshen up, out of the gaps between the teeth of food particles and make your teeth healthy. There is another advantage: if the girl stays with you overnight, she can use mouthwash if you don’t bring a toothbrush. If your teeth are very close to each other, don’t be afraid to use bourgeois floss. The putrid smell of food in his mouth far worse fate than the five spent the morning minutes.


No comment. It is beyond good and evil. Someone believes that it is bad to walk around with chapped dry lips, someone thinks that the use of hygienic lipstick is feminine. You yourself can decide whether to use it or not. Anyway, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops.

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