Hussar with «whiskers» condom is not as simple as you think. On the one hand, it is now one of the main methods of regulation of fertility, that is the thing, of course, important. On the other hand, a pack of condoms is an integral component of the usual picture of the «all-small-stuff at the checkout», next to chewing gum and sneakers. What could be more normal?

On supermarket shelves, pharmacy shelves, the Windows of the newsstands are usually presented two to five different brands of a product, whose straightforward design and utilitarian function, induces to reflection, except that on the subject of «what texture it is better to take». However, the story behind repeating, it would seem, of the subject abounds with picturesque details and is accompanied by a storm of passions.

A long time ago


According to legend, the jealous PIFA, wife of the Cretan king Minos, tired of the endless infidelities of her husband, has put a curse on him. Every time during sex with a new girlfriend is the king with the sperm released from the flow of the snakes, Scorpions and centipedes, who devoured mistresses. But Minos was taken aback and built something like a condom from the bladder of a goat, freeing thus from suffering himself and he liked the ladies.

By the way, the famous Greek philosopher Plutarch recalls that his friend the young daughter once vomited along with a large amount of semen shaggy ponies that demonstrates the urgency of the problem of contraception in Ancient Greece, not only for Minos.

Even more strictly than in Greece, was in Rome. No scolopendras and even more ponies are not comparable with the roughness made by the Roman legions, who, according to some, made condoms from the muscle tissue of dead enemies. Generally, in ancient times was a very unusual and bizarre means of contraception.

Not so long ago


All of the above, of course, refers to the region of legends and traditions. But the first documented evidence of the invention of the condom dates back to the mid 16th century and belongs to Peru by Italian doctor Gabriel Fallope. In his treatise «the French disease» he described his own invention — a linen cover for the penis, soaked in a special medical team. Interestingly, the case was designed to protect from pregnancy and from infection of this «French disease» — in Russian- with syphilis. It is not known how the invention Fallopia was effective. More importantly impetus to the development of this form of contraception was given.

Also, as with any other useful invention in Europe, with the condom of the case was ambiguous. Its technology is constantly improved, and meanwhile, different light heads persistently tried to accuse him of all mortal sins.

The first after the publication of the treatise Fallopia indicating the use of linseed cozies can be found in the book 1605 «On justice and law,» Catholic theologian Leonard Lesse: he immediately puts a condom immorality.

Noted in the history of English and the Committee on the Fertility, which in 1666 admitted that the reason for the decline in the birth rate — in the extensive use of «condoms» (condoms).

One of the most original charges, which was subjected to condoms, was the statement by doctor Daniel Turner in 1717, he claimed that «condoms» give a false sense of freedom and provoke men to conduct chaotic sexual life.

Around the same time, less prone to theorizing consumers of the product already fully mastered the technique of use of the new invention.

The famous Giacomo Casanova, to check whether a leaky condom, blew into it before use.


The 19th century was full of contradictions. In the first half of the century, even contraception was promoted among the workers, but in the late seventies came the response. In America, the first prohibited sending «obscene, slutty,» but soon after – and advertising it.

But despite all the obstacles, condoms continued to advertise using magic euphemisms such «masculine shield», «rubber products». In Europe caught on suitably: «a little somethin for the weekend» (a little something for the weekend).

Strangely enough, one of the sources of hot protests against «little stuff» in the late nineteenth century became the then feminists. They believed that birth control should be entirely in the hands of women. Exactly how progressive women were going to control the birth rate without condoms, history is silent.

Came the twentieth century and to the noble cause of the condemnation of contraception at last joined the Church, condemned all «unnatural prevention of conception». And personally, Bishop Arthur Winnington Ingram was outraged a large number of used condoms in the alleys of the parks.

In the twenties Freud himself argued against condoms – though mostly due to the fact that they reduce sexual pleasure.

In the second half of the last century, the passions around the condom subsided. After the publication in 1981 the first article about AIDS, a condom were at once recognized as the most reliable means of protection against AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

Now the use of a condom can cause the condemnation of the public, perhaps, only in the case if you use it for transporting heroin.

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