Hurricane «sandy» in new York

Hurricane «sandy» is on American soil, causing losses left and right. A tropical storm has caused a record rise in sea level. Monday, October 29, the hurricane affected the ocean as much as four meters!

As reported by NBC News, the 7.1 million residents of the Eastern United States remained without electricity. The number of victims of disasters in the United States already accounts for 14 people, and one woman died in Canada.

Your first blow the hurricane struck the coast of new Jersey in the heart of Atlantic city. Before that, the hurricane weakened, which gave the people to gather their things and leave as far as possible. But later the wind increased, and the element has regained full strength and swung with all his might.

Guide to public transportation in new York announced that because of the element were flooded seven of the city subway tunnels and six bus parks. Due to the power outage from the disaster area had to be evacuated two hundred patients of the hospital at a local University.

The mayor of new York Michael Bloomberg in an interview, said:»We knew that this would be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations.»

Besides new York suffered other major cities — Washington, Baltimore, Boston. It is assumed that affected about 50 million people that are on the path of the deadly hurricane

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