Hure Crank table-a table that can withstand three tons of food

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2014_f0VQVrrS0DCIZLess than a month left before the New year celebrations and the beginning of a long winter break. This means no work (for most), just a meeting with friends, traveling, relaxing, fun and Packed to the delicious food the refrigerator. Most likely, you yourself are going to act as a guest who has a voracity of swarms of locusts, and may decide to hit your surroundings with hospitality and invited to the light of numerous camp of relatives and people close to you. If your table will burst from the dishes, as long as it’s not broken literally, unable to withstand such a scale feast.

Table Hure Crank Table will save you from experience for this reason. It is a hybrid industrial and retro style, but the manufacturer offers the buyer to choose the type of finish of the tabletop: glass, steel, concrete, or chrome finish. Table base – high-quality steel. Worktop height changes due to rotation of the wheel with the handle, located on both sides of the structure. Four of the crank mechanism is able to withstand loads up to three tons. Minimum table height is 76 inches, and a maximum of 1 meter, which corresponds to the height of the bar. Countertop size is 2.5 x 1 meter. Each model is made by hand to order. Depending on the coating table tops price ranges starting from $13500.

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