Hunter s Thompson: decadent, gonzo and evil

It was a dudes hunter s Thompson seems strange crazy and very wrong. Someone, on the contrary, his madness, depravity and peculiar manner of expressing thoughts terribly attractive. For example, me. However, what to expect from the Creator of gonzo journalism? I feel about hunter Thompson and his Outlook on life is very positive. This is the man who sees absolute dirt around, but its a ray of sunshine at times brighter ray of the sun any bright hypocritical optimist. However, Thompson probably had reason to think so. Thompson knew perfectly well what it means to live without fear and be free. Or maybe he was just was always stoned.

How did gonzo journalism? Accidentally. Hunter s Thompson wrote an article «the Kentucky Derby decadent and depraved,» and the chief editor read it, sighed, and said, this is pure gonzo (in English Gonzo — nutty, crazy, crazy). Well, at least not shit. Instead of watching the annual races and write them normal boring review, hunter Thompson is watching people, drinking a lot and uses every. When it came time to submit my story, hunter finds himself in a drunken stupor with some crazy records in his hands. Being sure that it is a failure, our hero sends the record to the editor. Hunter shows the depravity of the crowd, her stupidity, moral and physical decay. Thompson actively mocks the «natives», mocks them and calls the animals. The idea is that this article is unlikely to please the leadership, but it published an article, because despite the crazy, the article is completely fit into the canons of journalism, and it could be called a journalistic essay. All the same professionalism does not spend on drink.

The mother of the hunter after the death of her husband was a binge drunk, instead of having to raise three sons from his knees. It’s a bit Thompson have in common with Bukowski. Guy’s childhood had somehow twisted in life to earn a lot of money. So it worked who would have. However, it did not last long: Thompson accidentally broke the car of the employer and was forced to leave the army early military period. However, after returning from the army, he apologized and recognized that was not supposed to do that. In the army, Thompson realized I needed to write. The exact time of this realization, we do not know still. Perhaps Thompson just began to write without any soul-searching? Dude set up his own military base newspaper, where he criticized the guide and wrote about sports. Commander Thompson believed that the guy he’s undoubtedly talented, but completely out of control. The army gave Thompson the opportunity to go to Columbia University, where he studied at the joint faculty and was particularly fond of lectures on writing short stories.

In parallel, he works part-time in the magazine The time to run errands for the 51 dollar a week. Because Hunter Thompson always cherished a desire to write and in fact, as recognized by his comrade, he was a novelist who was forced to earn his living in journalism, man has studied the style of famous writers rather peculiar way: he reprinted the famous works on the machine. Don’t know how powerful it might be, but «the Great Gatsby» and «a farewell to arms», our hero is reprinted in full, in order to study the style.

Hunter s Thompson first wrote some of his novels in the 1960s, but they were published only thirty years later, when every American the dog knows about old man Thompson. At the same time, our hero marries his old friend Sandra. The couple gave birth to a son whom they named in honor of the founder of «the Great Gatsby» — Juan Fitzgerald. This episode has the sense to highlight only one side. The couple tried to have children in the future, to be precise, five more times, but the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and death in childhood. It almost killed Sandra, who was thinking of suicide. But hunter always knew how to motivate the people around her, saying: «sandy, if you want to go to the other side — go on, just know that Juan really need you.» Sandra and hunter were friends, and after the divorce, until his death.

The first full-fledged fame came to hunter after he was asked to write an article about the life of bikers. The man lived for a year with bikers, but for some it is still not clear why former comrades beat a hunter almost to death. The article brought the hunter’s success and offer to write a book about bikers that Thompson did, writing «hell’s Angels», originally called «Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs». After this book was finally accepted to the publication in which it belongs — Rolling Stone. It’s amazing how Thompson drew people to him. Ex-wife also noted that ability: «hunter from birth was not like everyone else. His energy is always full swing, he had the ability to attract a lot of interesting people, though often and gave them a lot of trouble.»


The first article for Rolling Stone was extremely unusual and gives. Hunter went to a small town in Colorado with the goal of becoming Sheriff. No, not South Park. During his election campaign hunter urged people to decriminalize drugs destroy too many tall buildings that block the view of the mountains and desperately chmorili his main rival. The article brought him fame hater of policy and chief policy of Rolling Stone. «America is a nation of two hundred million used car salesman that have the money to buy weapons in the world, and there is no doubt about to kill anyone who makes them uncomfortable existence!»

And finally, hunter Thompson in 1971, he published his monumental famous work «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas», which was accompanied by a psychedelic drawings of his friend and a terrible longing for the American dream. But it is necessary to watch or read. It should be noted that johnny Depp is specifically lived for a time with hunter Thompson, to understand what kind of person he is, when he was preparing to play the role of Raul Duke.


Hunter s Thompson was a big weapons enthusiast. He had a huge collection of shotguns, rifles, pistols, gas weapons, automatic. He even had a collection of dynamite and other explosives, which had ever created in the world. But Thompson believed that his impregnable house does a huge amount of weapons, and the reputation of a desperate man. Relationships with family in recent years, Thompson was generally no. On drinking the mother he frankly scored, but brother, a homosexual, died of AIDS, Thompson, and uniquely despised.

In the last years of his life Thompson wrote a pretty cool book, each of which had much in common with his real life. This is the unofficial sequel to «Fear and hate»: «the Curse of Hawaii», which also came with the ink drawings of his close friend, the artist Ralph Steadman. His most recent work is the book «Kingdom of fear» has condemned what has happened to the world and specifically to the Americans: «We are becoming a nation firmly smack the slaves of fear. The fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of sudden terror, fear of downsizing or layoffs, fear of losing property for the debts of the fear of being in a concentration camp for a vague suspicion of links with terrorists.»

«No more games. Any bombs. No walks. No fun at all. No swimming. 67. It is 17 years old more than 50. 17 more than what I needed or what I wanted. Boring. I’m always angry. No fun for anyone. 67. You are getting greedy. Come on act your age. Relax — this won’t hurt»- it was the last words of Thompson, written with a marker four days before the suicide. They say that the hunter killed himself after a series of painful medical procedures. But his relatives believe that he was just tired of living, he saw everything he wanted and now can safely go in a new way. Where? Wherever Nixon went after death, of course. Thompson said he would chase this son of a bitch, even after death. Once the man mentioned that he wants his funeral became a gorgeous party, and his ashes fired from a cannon. What did his friends and family, which was a lot. The gun was mounted on the crane, with the image of six-fingered fist — the symbol of gonzo. Using this image and flying ashes of the writer broke out of a cannon.

It should be noted that Thompson has influenced a lot. The genre of cyberpunk, journalism, world literature and thanks to him, appeared very chic comic «Transmetropolitan», which I recommend to everyone, especially those who do not like «draw a picture with bubbles of text» that he realized that he was wrong about comics. The protagonist of «Transmetropolitan» lives on stimulants, too, called for relative truth and loves firearms. Here’s a tribute to an interesting man. But the comic is good and smart.


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