Hulk Hogan — a real blonde wrestling Hulk


The struggle that unites all peoples. In Ancient Greece had its own wrestling, pankration, parallel in many Nations of their own. As the years went by and appeared in American wrestling, which was a real event. This refers, of course, that show World Wrestling Entertainment together with the same organization. Of course, American wrestling is the disadvantage and advantage: this is a circus show with their circus» freaks. But they are heroes.

To these heroes belongs to Hulk Hogan — a strange man. In spite of that, he became a symbol of wrestling, and all because of a very peculiar appearance: bandana, white hair and very tanned body. When they say «wrestling» — mean «Hulk Hogan». Although something tells us that the Ultimate Warrior will be more abruptly.


The real name of the Hulk Hogan — Terry gene Bollea was born August 11, 1953 and is very well preserved. All his life he has turned out to be the best. No, really, the Hulk was born in the largest maternity hospital, was the largest among peers. At school he was the tallest and most high remained in College. There was only one problem: the future the Hulk was chubby. Helped, as always, the sport — he made the Hulk even more impressive guy. Despite popular belief, Terry managed to go to University to be an economist-Manager and even finish it. After studying a large six-foot dude was somehow not comfortable to go to work in the Bank: there he looked like a bouncer in a saloon in the Wild West. After work Hulk was going to swing, and then swing on another job — was a bouncer at the bar, which felt very appropriate. There he noticed a man named Jack Brisco, who introduced him to legendary trainer Hiro Matsuda, who made a man of him, forcing him to quit work in the Bank group and for the sake of wrestling. And it brought good results. In 1984, the world learned about him as a true winner. This year he defeated the Iron Neck in Madison Square Garden, getting their first championship title. Only the Hulk 12, he won in the period from 1984 to 1991.

With my daughterWith my daughter

A feat Hulk has been his battle with a dude from France named Andre the Giant. Hulk remembered everything, when the weight 125 pounds lifted a 250-pound Andre the Giant and threw him to the ground. This action was observed by 92 thousand people. It was cool.

To get away from the world of sweaty dudes in strange costumes Hulk had after the scandals with steroids in 1994. Have no idea did the Hulk or not, but we somehow do not want to believe this: he hurt a good uncle. And to be honest, we like it. After that, there was some stagnation, during which the Hulk has appeared in a vast number of second-rate movies like «the Nanny» and «suburban Commando». In 1998, he even received the title of «Most hated wrestler of the year». It seemed that all was lost, but in 1999 the Hulk is making a comeback in Pro wrestling, but the rights of the shaking gray.


Hulk played in the movie — maybe it played the role of his love to show myself and a lot of CzW. The debut of the Hulk took place in the movie rocky 3 where he played a cameo role. A relatively good film in his career was, perhaps, a film by Douglas Schwartz «Thunder in Paradise».

What else can you say about the Hulk… Into a 24-inch biceps. If translate — 61 cm. Some of these feet.

Not so long ago Hogan said that he was going to run for President, well… let’s Wait!

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