Hugo Chavez: the last of its kind

prezident venesueli і kandidat v prezidenti ugo chaves graє na elektrogіtarі pіd chas peredviborchogo mіtingu z socіalіstichnoyu partієyu molodі v karakasі 19 veresnya 2012. venesuelcі pіdut na viborchі dіlnicі na prezidentskih viborah 7 zhovtnya. reyter/horhe sіlva (venesuela tegi: vibori polіtika trh zobrazhen u den)The sun set, but it’s gone. Hugo, where are you!? There is no answer.

You nowhere. Killed you damned disease. Crying bare sons and daughters of Venezuela. Rubbing their hands bloody Americans. Do not they hear more of you and your sweet image! Crying in heaven Bolivar. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela bloodless. Damn colonialists will tear the country apart. Now who will stand up for the apostates and rebellious like you? Who recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia? There is no such. Crocodiles cry in the rivers. Crying Fidel. Not with whom to be friends. Crying country. Because two years without you, it became clear that the good life was there, in the past, with their hours-long broadcasts of the program «Hello, President,» caustic jokes, and how, no respect. Respect to a banana Republic. Was bad without you, Hugo!

I chew Coca leaves every morning and look at me!If you saw that the people wept on hearing of the death of the Ruler? Sincerely, not from fear, like in North Korea. And I’ve seen. And it was dark, tearful Venezuelans. Who were they to Parole? Hot lazy state with huge oil reserves. And therefore vulnerable state. Venezuela is a Latin American Eden where ripe mangoes lying on the road, where the jungle was full of wild of wild monkeys, where daylight can kill «Miss Venezuela 2004». And no one asks for that. Caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. And «Miss universe» tropical Republic, there were many. We can say, the charming Creole – another export product, along with the oil. Apparently, therefore, do not mind to kill another. The beauty in this «Lost Paradise» is not transferred.

February, Trotskyist, inspired by the ideas of Fidel, Gaddafi and Ernesto, he went from a simple SWAT to the Indian revolutionary, and then to the President. But at heart remained a simple soldier, ready at any moment to engage in battle. A bit of a «Martinet» manners coupled with fusion eloquence have made it so close to the people that he was ready to forgive him for everything! When a liter of gasoline does not exceed the cost of a liter water bottle, people are ready to close eyes to many things.

So, he added a bit of dictatorship, so, he nationalized everything in the country that nationalities. But otherwise it is impossible, given the mentality of the people he knew and truly loved. South America – there are all lazy and like to rebel. There is an anecdote: allegedly handed out the Creator of wealth. Russia gave oil, France – iron ore, Britain – water. The turn to Venezuela. Oil, gold, gas, diamonds – all with the top. «There is not a lot for one country?» cautiously interested in the Creator angels. «Fine! – laughs best. – You should have seen what I settled her people!» What kind of people? Fun, despite a hard life, happy, live only one day and did not know how to face the future.

I have always said that I will not be surprised if it turns out that Mars had a civilization. But probably there were capitalism, imperialism came in and destroyed this planet.He became the sun of the Venezuelan people, irradiating his hope for a bright future and friendship with other eccentric policies: father Lukashenko, Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi. A real showman, he realized that the only chance to force the international community to reckon with the unfortunate Venezuela is to act outside the box. To sell US and give a precious oil fields at the mercy of the «White eagle» was unpleasant. He found new friends with whom, perhaps, he hadn’t wanted to friendship.

How good President Putin! Bush calls him Vladimir, and I after so many years of friendship can call him Vladimiro.But politics is a delicate matter, and people are tired of hard-boiled belts. There was no choice, and, abandoning prospects to collect «M-16», Hugo personally collected the AK-103 to protect the country from the devious gringo.

Get the hell back to hell, shitty American Yankee!He was a real Orpheus for the country. Like Nero, he sang songs, which was laughed at by all except himself, shaking the air with sonorous nice vocals. He painted pictures. It is hundreds of times recalled its Ambassador from America, and criticized Bush for what his vocabulary of only 600 words. And Hugo can talk forever. When he had problems with his throat, the doctors forbade him to say 3 days. Hugo, with his usual tenacity, he said, that cannot resist and the South. One day, talking with the people in his program «Hello President», he said 8 hours. But all waited for the sweet warbling restless Comandante will end and start the series.


If you try to somehow describe the Parole, the first word that comes to mind is «eccentricity». Through the years, he has carried his heavy as uranium scrap, nature, listening only to himself and surprising everyone is very unusual actions. Since youth he was surprised, having fought with the priest. Later atone for this sin by building Latin America’s largest Orthodox Church. Have poobshalsya with the Slavs.

But most of all, Chavez became famous for his striking relations with the leaders of other world powers. It was a real show, which was lacking too formal and very educated in world politics. And he was captivated by its charisma to any hater of the West, humiliating Dorje Bush worth.

This gentleman has not the slightest idea what the policy is. It is in this place, because he is the son of his father. They brought him to power. He was an alcoholic. Your President is an alcoholic. It’s true. It pains me to say this, but it’s true. He’s an alcoholic. Sick man.The most famous example – when he called Bush » the devil coming after him to the podium and saying racy:

I smell. It still smells of sulfur. The devil was here.And he put out monarchs!.. His Majesty his Highness the king of Spain Juan Carlos, forgetting about etiquette, suggested the irrepressible Hugo to shut up after the grievances of Ministers of the Royal court. Who won in this situation, and it is not clear. Hugo considered himself a winner in life and as if to prove the victory bought a t-shirt, which depicts Granowo offer to shut up. What’s that, a silent Udo could not, for only he who believes in his innocence, is able to bear such nonsense.

If I were silent, the very stones would have cried out.Chavez raised the country. Reduced illiteracy by sending out around the country for free «don Quixote» of Cervantes (probably because he most of his life fought with windmills), and abolishing the entrance exams to Universities. As I could and fought. His lean hand saved energy in the country, just disabling the light. He has oppressed US and made Iran the bikes. He entertained the world of such politicians is not. Good is not enough. Not enough because to build socialism was based on his charisma. And this charisma is largely made even the hardened opposition to love him as a human. But this does not mean that Parole was not haters. It loved and hated in equal measure.

zhіnka yde v shtabі ob'єdnanoї socіalіstichnoї partії venesueli (espv) іz zobrazhennyam prezidenta ugo chavesa v rayonі petare v karakasі 12 listopada 2008 roku. venesuelcі pіdut na vibori vіd listopada. 23 obirati gubernatorіv shtatіv і merіv mіst. reyter/horhe sіlva (venesuela)But despite that, he was a true son of his country, what would be the buckles did not put in the meaning of the word. They had a strong mutual love with his native land and peasants. When in 2002, Chavez was overthrown, the army and the common people did not leave their commander and went out on the old colonial area of the old towns, demanded his return. Soldiers from the people were close to 80% of the population. I was only against the intelligentsia. But the Communists around the world did Venezuela’s new Mecca, as an option with China and South Korea were too exotic.

Some called it almost a tyrant. But he’s only been the last classic «banana» revolution. It’s a textbook case of failed coup, a jail, a coup and a long unexpected happiness.

Or capitalism, which is a straight road to hell, or socialism, if you want to build the Kingdom of God on earth.Still, the cancer was stronger than Cuban doctors. His best friend and mentor Fidel pulled the best of the stars of Cuban medicine is the best free medicine in the world. But the disease (or, as many believe, the machinations of the state Department) was stronger.

manygoodtips.com_18.06.2015_spHoTAoTkgCe1In March 2013, immediately after the death of Hugo Chavez, certainty was more. Venezuela was confident, strong and invincible even if that was politically split in half. What now? Portraits of the commander has not diminished, but before the sarcophagus containing his ashes turn noticeably thinned out. In the moment of death of Chavez as before fires gun – sight is the crowning feature of the tour. Ever tired of empty shelves, crisis and soaring prices of the Venezuelan populace will stop all this, will open its doors to capitalist happiness and let the winds of change, which is so afraid of the current President Maduro, and that was led by an almost equal fight sir Hugo. And the gun will cease to fire, and then comes the debunking of the cult of Parole. But it will be then, this is not true. We know that it simply extended the country to another level of existence. And do it with your own charisma and megalomania. All this clown was not otherwise cover. Perhaps, in another way it is impossible to lead the country to enlightenment.

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