HP Lovecraft, who created the horror


Here is Chtulhu, and people know he zahavaet. And that’s all. Sometimes asking someone where Chtulhu appeared so strange? What you surprised to answer: «From the Internet, where else?». What a shame, because I think many, many people. But Chtulhu appeared not from the Internet, from the head of a rather strange and took a hell of a time ahead of the writer HP Lovecraft.

The life of Lovecraft on the one hand shrouded in mystery, but on the other we know almost all the aspects of his biography. The only problem that is still not clear how the head of this man, born not in our time but during the great Depression, actually could meet such strange things. The father and mother of the Lovecraft ended up in the hospital, not together, of course, but it was enough. There they ended their days. Howard brought up the aunt, lived on the neck for different people, for example, in his beloved Sony green. School, he never finished due to the death of his father. By the way, this all his life and was embarrassed.


At all eccentricities (and very large) Lovecraft got together with the talents and weak intellect of the first stories he wrote at 6 years old, they have not reached us, but the stories of 14-15 years were distinguished by the style of the adult and experienced writer.

But Lovecraft is so famous and important that we started a conversation about it? The fact that the horror, mystery and the manner to insert into each piece cults of ancient deities — it all started from Howard. In fact, along with Lovecraft created the entire modern mysticism, horror and similar genres. Stephen king calls him his teacher, by the way, and the likes.


Most famous of his works is «the Call of Chtulhu», where first you meet an old and good guy, like Dr. Zoiberg, which is a strange name Chtulhu and lives in a strange place R Lege. Not to say that the book is just the horror kind of scary that keeps you up for weeks. She’s… how should I put this delicately… weird. From reading its happening in your head, a strange feeling of hopelessness and longing, but the atmosphere is injected very, very cool. Crowds and crowds of crazy people who saw awakened from eternal sleep Chtulhu attached. By the way, this book that we owe the emergence of such a directorial move, as «a bunch of crazy cultists who worship some incredible heresy». But tangible advantage books Lovecraft is that mythology, horror, creatures and worlds is really original. Of course, Dagon, an underwater deity, drawn from human mythology, but how many more creatures and measurement invented by Howard from scratch, using it not too strong of mind, of course.

The AzathothThe Azathoth

The entire bibliography of Lovecraft can be divided into three large cycle. The most famous cycle, of course, is «the Myths Chtulhu». Chtulhu in fact, not only the most powerful God of the worlds of Lovecraft, even externally with other gods and creatures, he looks like something very civilized, just a cute little girl with serious uncles. It is strange that in honor of him called the whole cycle of myths.


Most of the action in Lovecraft takes place in the fictional city of Arkham that is supposedly in Massachusetts, and its environs (Dunwich, Innsmouth). It’s a bit like the passion of Stephen king to transfer the action of their works in Maine. Anyway, Arkham is mentioned in almost all books of Lovecraft in one form or another. In addition to of Arkham you will find Laurette places like R’lyeh (the city where sleeps Chtulhu), Yuggoth (the planet Pluto, where you sleep a sentient fungus, the Mi-Go), city intelligent alien creatures with tentacles — the Elders, who lived in the Antarctic. We are sure that after reading this, you will exclaim: «a sentient fungus from Pluto, alien hydroabrasive…That smoked this dude?». We will reply to you: «don’t know, I doubt that touch. On computer games, science fiction, horror films and literature as fantastic, mystical, and similar genres, this cycle is affected the most. There is no such monster, which could be called gray and invisible. And what there gods!!! The Supreme deity Azathoth, the end of the world, which devours the universe, the planets and all that come his way. Dagon and his wife Hydra — who ruled over the intelligent reptiles. Nyarlathotep, or the yellow priest, who carries the chaos. Shab-Niggurath, which is a mass with tentacles that constantly gives birth to strange creatures and then eating them… All these creatures are very original and memorable, but most importantly: they are all weird!


The second cycle in importance from Lovecraft is «the dream World». With this series we learn how to walk in other worlds with the help of mathematics, how to travel in dreams with intelligent cats and meet up with old friends «myths of Chtulhu». Can not deny myself the pleasure to pronounce the name of one of the stories «Somnambulistic search for Unknown Kudat», Holy smoke, we’re in a drunken delirium that do not come up under the hard drugs… And Lovecraft could.

The fate of Lovecraft was unenviable, strange stories of the few who liked and those who liked could not adequately feed its Creator. Howard died on 15 March 1937 from malnutrition, which caused stomach cancer. Not the most pleasant death, man.


By the way, if you want to get acquainted with the works, then I advise you to play the game «Arkham Horror», such a funny nastolka, all aspects of the works of Howard on the spot. Although you can just read books, they usually are not long and are worth it.

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