How’s a guy to wear an earring


«Where’s your ship, pirate?», «And not cock if you’re an hour?» all the nonsense that you have to listen to guys with pierced ears. The attitude of such individuals, to put it mildly, ambiguous: they are constantly trying to defame and accuse of homosexuality and Satanism, confirming the mistrust of a strong argument: «Why are you like a woman?» That’s why people have such an attitude toward the unfortunate accessory. And this despite the fact that celebrities with them, no one accuses. Here is Harrison Ford earring – nobody did not seem to notice, though it pierced his ear in 56 years. The earring was worn by William our Shakespeare. Not because he was a rock star, and sodomy, it is hard to blame such a brood of children left behind, and all because in the Renaissance earring for men was held in high esteem and, moreover, is considered a sign of poets.

Actually, men wore earrings almost since the dawn of civilized mankind. Decorate everything you can they started much earlier ladies. In some cultures they symbolize belonging to the nobility, and some to the so-called clergy.

The decoration is in the eye of the pirate was talking about the fact that he took the ship. Gypsies wore the earring to the sons, if they were born after the death of the previous child. Thieves with earrings showed their belonging to lower strata of society, as it showed their indifference to the Church. After crossing the equator earring clothed and sailors.

Special meaning wore this adornment Cossacks. Earring in the left ear of the Cossack meant that he was the only son of his mother. These people tried not to put unnecessary danger and not to send to certain death.

With the advent of the hippie culture earrings become associated solely with the troubadours and rock musicians. And indeed: most of those who pierce the left ear, do it as a sign of belonging to rock-n-roll lifestyle and great love for creativity. But there are those who do it just like that. I want to people. No need to search for the earring protest, maybe she really gives a person confidence. Someone will say that a self-sufficient citizen in this kind of doping is not needed. Well, then he does not need a status car and expensive suit. If you follow this logic, then a man who loves beautiful and well dressed, and the man who kicked his lobe, differ only in that one of them was not afraid pokotsat flesh. And who is the baddest? If the guy with the earring the effeminate, the guy in the fancy Nancy outfit no less. What he is not man, like a woman, rags enjoys?!

The shackle is even more practical than a tattoo. Your pretty ethnic Sparrow and silly phrases, mistakes you hardly ever will reduce. It is expensive and inconvenient, but there is every chance that in the future the skin will want to cleanse. And if the earring I am sick – take it off and live as if nothing had happened, the tip itself is overgrown.

And let’s dot the terms. Earrings – my mother’s jewelry that you tried on in the mirror in early childhood, until she saw. Normal guys wear earring.

In fact, carrier earrings to zashkvaritsya should pierce the left ear: right ear, according to the company, are exclusively homosexuals. But once it was thought that the earring in his left ear wore last boy in the family, in the last one in the family. Better puncture two ear than wear right. It is clear that in our days things are very mixed up, and the earring ceased to be the hallmark, but tradition is tradition, and since the society is a slippery attitude to this issue, it is best to follow it.

Form of earrings is also important. You know, screw-Bandurka with a brilliant rhinestone provoked widespread hostility even at the carrier rings in the ear. To wear this, you need to be stylish like Cristiano Ronaldo, or magical, like every other hip-hop artist. You can wear a Fang in the ear and to play the Witcher, you can insert the hanger into the tip to attract everyone’s attention in a gay club anyway, nothing neater and more conventional gold or silver ring can not be. Steel ring still looks brutal.

Earring needs to look simply and appropriately, not rushing too much in my eyes. You’re still a man, and a man should not wear flashy and distracting from the overall background of accessories and things. Therefore, a massive earring should be worn only if God gave you a powerful physique and a bull’s face.If the background of your drischavy face earring looks like the anchor lock, it is strongly recommended to either give up the earrings at all, or to change it.

By the way about how many earrings a must-have for the gentleman. Here opinions differ. Some argue that one, and one that is not removed; others go on about diversity – just like with cufflinks: the more, the better. But the earring is more of a worldview and lifestyle than decoration, and therefore to have a huge collection to anything of just a couple of earrings is enough. For example, one, barely noticeable, you are at work, not to annoy the bosses, and the other, more visible – in his spare time. Daily change tochechnogo accessory rather speaks metrosexual habits or overuse of the fashionable media that in fact one and the same.

The earring is suitable for any outfit that would not tell anyone. The earring is able to dilute any outfit, even a formal suit. The only thing: no need to cling to the tuxedo ring the size of a wheel of «KAMAZ», it is more beautiful than you do not.

And now the most important thing. What you have to say trick-or-treaters questioned your sexuality? And nothing, hit in the jaw, and all.

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