How’s a guy supposed to learn how to cook

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2014_Jrk5Zx7hUBDVSDo you think that cook guy does not need, because there are women? Very much mistaken! Think about it this way: each man must possess the necessary survival skills, and cooking — the most important of them. You probably want to live alone, and you have to, or quickly learn to cook, or eat fast food the suspicious food from the supermarket or spend money in cafes and canteens. Cooking — healthy, will help you a long time to turn into a fat ass and save some money. In short, a bunch of pros. So why don’t you learn to cook? Usually, there are several standard explanations why you’re not going to learn to cook ever or in the near future. But today we will show you that they are complete garbage.

Excuse 1: «I don’t Have time!»

Lack of time is the inability to dispose of them. This phrase, of course, does not make sense in those parts of the world where it’s still common to work 16 hours a day. You think you have no time to rest after work and to sleep properly but in fact is, you just don’t know how to handle it properly! Triage and get the result. Put a priority to learn to cook or to cook for yourself the quality of the food often will be pretty awesome. Most often, the lack of time to cook is the desire little more than to sit in front of computer or watch another episode of your favorite series.

In order to make time for cooking, remember what you do when you return home. You really are so tight on time that is barely enough time to sleep and shower, or you suffer all the time garbage, calling it a «vacation»? Mark at least thirty minutes and remember that while cooking sometimes you can go to the computer, but not for long. Any habit requires fixing. Prepare yourself for two weeks and will quickly get used to the new routine.

Excuse 2: «I don’t like to wash dishes!»

And someone who likes? This is the cost of production, it is necessary only to accept! But if you do it regularly, washing dishes will become commonplace, which will not cause any emotions. There is one more feint ears: can you in all seriousness to turn the sink into a meditative exercise, if you completely disable thinking in the process. But it is quite heavy self-hypnosis.

If you wash the dishes, scrape leftover food into the trash, soak the dishes, and know hacks as faster to wash the dishes, then the process will become much easier.

Excuse 3: «I have never taught»

This normally means that the person in the childhood never fashioned dumplings with the whole family and not marinated with Papa kebab. Well, or that the person does not have education of the cook.

Cooking is not a way of thinking that produced in childhood. Cooking is not a long process that requires special education. To prepare, honestly, is the same that to follow the rules. The nice thing about cooking is the fact that it is possible to invent something of their own, using the rules, regulations, his own and others ideas about beauty. True art, in other words.

Be realistic. To cook is not to know fancy recipes that is almost impossible to reproduce. To cook is to make something that you can eat with appetite. Time, ingredients and availability of good food — any brand.

Excuse 4: «the Ingredients are expensive and time consuming to buy»

So, overstock and haul it all home — a separate song, but the cost is you bent. The Caesar salad prepared at home is much cheaper than 200 grams of salad will be served to you in a cafe. All because of salad at home are you ready for the same money, but almost a kilogram. The obvious benefit?

Relative shopping. Make a list, it is not so difficult, believe me! It is best to go shopping once a week, if you don’t like looking at big crowds. It supplies exactly the quick raids of nomadic peoples: come quickly, quickly scored, and returned back to his cave. If you do not like to pull huge bags, break the trip to the store at least two parts. Like washing dishes, going shopping is a common human routine, which can become a meditative process, or even not to notice.

Excuse 5: «I don’t like to dig in recipes»

Recipes is written by someone a good for making formula. They can be simple, complex, banal and very original. You yourself with the experience I can write down a few recipes. Simple meals can be prepared in different ways. It had ladhaki for cooking, and you can always Google how to cook some grains and products, although this is not necessary: quick grits are cooked the same as indicated on the package. Roll the meat with your favorite spices, roasted and stewed. Then, of course, if you are interested in the art of cooking (which is contagious), you know that some meat must be fried to a crisp, to retain juices, and some to fry, to stew, then simmer in the oven.

Cooking is very exciting, you always want to try something different. You’re beginning or experimenting or following recipes from

Excuse 6: «I don’t know all the details and techniques»

Don’t know how to cook eggs? Google! There is nothing wrong, and the answer is easy to find. But even if you weld correctly you will still be able to eat it. In General, the justification of «don’t know», when at hand the Internet, where you can find almost any information can not be considered an excuse.

Excuse 7: «the Last attempt was not successful»

Again black and white thinking. If you fail once, you never will, because you’re cursed? For the first time you managed to get useful experience, the second time will be better if you understand what I’m doing wrong. In an extreme case, the tenth is your dish will at least give the dog. The first pancake is an absolutely true statement, and do not look at individuals who have the first pancakes are awesome. This is rare people.

Excuse 8: «I Have a small kitchen»

And you want a huge mansion with a hundred blades itself intricate designs and all sorts of heat treatment furnaces? For cooking enough to have something fried, something on which to cut or to mix and what it all can do. Everything else is a luxury.


As you can see, there is no real reason that gives you the right not to learn to cook. It is necessary and useful skill, which many find a hobby. You should try it.

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