Howard Hughes – the legend of America

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_6YcJWhSj9008ODude, today we’ll talk a little about the person who really deserves the rave opinions and is worthy to have had his followers. This guy’s name is Howard Hughes. Why you should be interesting story of his fate? Yes, at least because his CV is almost unique. Howard had time for their dignified life to try yourself as a pilot, entrepreneur, engineer, and even Director and producer. Fifty years ago he had great wealth in the United States and virtually flawless reputation.

It all began in 1905. Yes, it’s been so long. This year December 24, born Howard Hughes Jr. is our hero. It should be noted that this child was truly welcome for parents. Because the mother Allen was a regular problems with conception. And finally, was born the beloved son.

Howard was very painful, so the mother was running everywhere behind him and tried to protect from external adverse influences. Dad didn’t really like the attitude of mother to son: he wanted to educate man, not a wimp, so constantly interfered with the custody of the mother. Because of these differences with the method of child rearing Howard went through a few schools. The mother chose the son to educate in prestigious private schools, and his father, on the contrary, looking for easier options, because in Spartan conditions easier to temper male character.

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_RYwilBpaxQPSyThe young family lived in prosperity, because the head of the family, Howard Hughes, Sr., was the founder of Hughes Tool Company engaged in the production of drilling equipment. At the time its production was very popular, because it was then that America has swept the oil boom. That is why the family Howard never misery.

From an early age, Hughes, Jr. was fond of studying mathematics and physics. It was not forced to study these Sciences, the boy himself has set for itself priorities. In 12 years, Howard has collected a father equipped home workshop motorbike, then the radio and started to learn Morse code. Dad liked his son’s Hobbies and therefore weekly Howard received up to $ 5,000 for personal expenses.

When Howard was 17, has left the life of his mother, and died after a year and a father. Practically abandoned was left a fortune, because the law eighteen-year-old Howard could not keep his father’s business. The future millionaire did not care about the court order and the law, he did not allow himself to leave his father and come to grips with the company.

In 1924, Howard Jr. became the full owner of his father’s company. Hughes didn’t relish the prospect of doing oil. He planned to devote his life to a radically different business. Howard put himself in the diary three goals:

1. Become the best golfer in the world.

2. The best pilot.

3. The most famous producer of films.

Spoiler alert! This guy has all happened so we suggest you start a diary in which you note your goals and objectives.

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_jd3SB4dOWm8OjA year Hughes got married and moved with his wife to California to flourish in the field of cinema. Two years later, Howard bought a large production company. 22-year-old boy became an independent agent who is independently engaged in the production and manufacture of paintings. The first full-length work, «Swell Hogan» saw the Howard the picture is not destined to reach movie theaters.

Soon he was ready the second picture – «Play all», which successfully took off in the car. It was decided to begin work on the third pattern, which is subsequently brought Howard Oscar for best Director. In 1928 Howard had prepared a script and began shooting pictures «hell’s Angels», dedicated to British military pilots in the First world.

«Hell’s angels» is perhaps the most difficult job Howard. He even had to sit behind the controls of an airplane, after which Hughes broke his jaw because of improper planting. With our hero all cost. Only here on the set of three pilots died, and was destroyed by one Boeing. After the release of the picture or paid for expenses.

As for his personal life Howard, it just didn’t have time. Young businessman spent days on the set, and he didn’t care about that at this time engaged in his wife.

Working on new paintings continued with varying success. But Howard still wanted to go back to the sky. Therefore, in 1930, he buys his first plane – a Boeing 100A. However, he did not abandon work on the production of new paintings, which are regularly brought him a good cashier.

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_BKolZaP7Uky7FSoon, America faced a war in which Howard participated. The consequences of hostilities has had a serious effect on his health. Hughes became withdrawn and very mean to his servants. He was talking about himself exclusively in the third person and tried to isolate themselves from the outside world.

Soon, Howard once again decided to take a little air travel and asked to prepare one of its planes. Despite the safety, the fuel tank was filled 2 times more fuel than expected. Gaining altitude, the pilot found that the engine is defective. While Howard has tried to solve the problem, the plane is strongly reduced and parauterine became impossible. Soon the plane came closer to the village, destroyed several houses and exploded.

From the wreckage got completely burnt Howard, but he was able to save. After the accident, Hughes appeared a mental disability but a physical condition quickly returned to normal, and Howard continued to do his business.

Soon, Hughes still came down. He no longer had the opportunity to lead a hectic social life. Every day he was getting worse. Soon he stopped altogether and get out of bed, killing themselves significant doses of drugs.

The true cause of death of Hughes is still a mystery. There is even a theory that it was a violent death. When Howard had already been buried, began a thorough search of his Testament, which was never discovered. When opened the safe in his house, that was empty. Too many mysteries left Howard, of the life which now write off the biography of many of the characters. Only here nobody will be able to solve them.

Not very encouraging, the end of history for such a vibrant personality. Therefore, you must once again draw their own conclusions on this matter, to collect all forces in a fist and start to act.


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