How you’re sabotaging your success

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2014_LUul9iuFkycAaMany of us, unknowingly, doing all they can to prevent yourself to success.

1. You always need more

Many fall into this trap: you think that reaching a certain level, you finally calm down and begin to live happily. But when you reach it, instead of to stop, you suffer an overwhelming desire to get more.

It is this dissatisfaction that makes your success just another degree, if not failure. We do not encourage you to stop and to stop work is necessary, we believe that you should learn to allow yourself to enjoy what you have achieved now. It would be a good contribution to future achievements.

2. You’re trying to be ready for anything

We live in a society of perfectionists who know firsthand what is analysis paralysis. An absurd situation: you spent a lot of time and effort, preparing himself to step in anything, but the first step can not decide. You prefer to do nothing, if only your perfect plan failed.

The problem of this kind is simple: enough with the theory, get to practice. Any plan will sooner or later misfire. The only question is, will this plan on which you spent a lifetime or the one that left 5 minutes before Breakfast today.

3. You enter limit

His entire adult life you just do that and that set the limits. You must earn as much money, get so much love, to have so many friends. And when you suddenly suddenly found himself getting more, you start to feel like you deserve it, like this whole you got no right.

Why don’t you think that you deserve more than you get?

4. Do you think that global failures

And make wrong conclusions. Classic example: «I was fired from work, then I will fail in business.» To begin with, that this statement is simply illogical.

With the same success you could say that once you fired, then you will soon be bald.

Understandably you’re upset with the dismissal. However, failure is not a reason to give up and hide in a corner and sit there until his death. Failures should be analysed, and then gently roll up and stick in a drawer of memory. And not to spread its influence on all spheres of his own life.

5. Are you waiting for

You postpone decisive action until some «magical moment when all the stars in the sky will converge and in your life formed the most favorable conditions for the realization of your ambitions. The problem is that the «most favorable time» will never come. You can personally try to create the necessary conditions, but there will always be something that interferes with the picture to become perfect. And that’s fine. Start acting right now. As the saying goes: greener will not.

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