How your smartphone affects your bells

This year, fashion and science have once again joined forces to create something special that goes beyond the usual perception. Namely, briefs, protect the genitals from radiation of mobile phone. Supposedly they rescue the egg from the harmful effects of radio waves emitted from mobile phones, and thus help to maintain the right amount of sperm and increase fertility. The only question is, whether eggs and the phone is so incompatible that they have to cover.

The worst thing is the x — ray

For a long time argued that electromagnetic radiation radiation may cause male infertility, temporary or permanent. That is why grandma said you not to sit in your phone. During the Second world war some soldiers were afraid to work near the radar, because the rumors about sterilization Vitali already.

The military doesn’t really want to sterilize the personnel and addressed to Hermann Muller — geneticist who received a Nobel prize for x-rays so that he could assess the effect of radio waves on men’s health. Why they decided that the person who has shown the detrimental effect of x-rays on fertility, will be able to give all the answers.

Muller researched researched and realized that a dose of radio waves, faced the soldiers, can not lead either to infertility or genetic mutations. He came to the conclusion that radio waves do not pose a threat to fertility, in contrast to x-rays. This is not enough, the length of the radiation. The longer the better. That is, all electromagnetic radiation travels through space as invisible waves of energy. Each radiation has its own specific wavelength, which determines the consequences, both physical and biological. In short waves concentrated much more energy than in a long. X-rays can damage cells and tissues, precisely because of their very short wave — one millionth the width of a human hair. The beam, therefore, very energetic and very harmful to cells. Such a microscopic size not happy with absolutely anyone, especially the cells of the body. In the airwaves, on the contrary, is concentrated enough energy as the average length of one wave is equal to the length of a football field. And everything nice: the practical benefits are obvious, and even the target cells. So theorists of infertility it is necessary to distinguish, where good and scrambled eggs.

To avoid any issues and will describe how x-rays save you from the offspring and the cost of children. The rays destroy the cell of the testis forms sperm — spermatogonia. The dose must be extremely high to kill enough cells. However, x-ray sweep of the bears a temporary character. Egg in the ashes, among the mountains of the fallen spermatogonia and your potential children, the surviving cells start with the speed of rabbits to produce the replacement of their fallen comrades, and the sperm count usually returns to normal levels within a few months. So you can do an x-ray of the bones every month.

How long would it take radio waves to become infertile?

What is the dose of radio waves need in order to empty out your eggs from the dangers of childbirth? Good question. Many believe that if the phone is in the process of operation was too warmed up, it emits the maximum amount of energy. Perhaps if he warmed up even more, that will open the passage to hell.

All this bullshit — in fact, the phone heats up due to heat generated by the chemical reaction that occurs inside the battery, not from radio waves. And the message that radio is somehow harming the future, it was not scientifically proven, it’s just a rumor. Little say. In the end, there are thoughts about the favorable effects of radiation on the human body. Probably we shall soon have popular famous sanatorium of Chernobyl.

If someone speaks about the harmful effect of mobile phone, as a rule, small laboratories that do independent research. However, their findings are too uncertain, that the community supported them. Besides a lot of freaks in the world who are protesting against mobiles, considering them a major threat to society. Most writing about the dangers of Amateurs journalist workshop, which is not something that biology — how to write, I don’t know, making up all new stories based on one single argument — someone said something.

And no one actually does not measure sperm count and other semen parameters before assuming that will have an impact on fertility of the individual citizen. Indeed, the number of sperm in a day can vary widely. For example, men who often spend precious seed, have a reduced sperm count, as one would expect, and with God knows what reasons. Usually they have 50% less active spermotazoidy. So in those few respondents who were victims of questionable experiments, simply having more sex.

And yet they are not dangerous

But seriously, here’s the thing: there are so many things that can affect sperm count, so that minor fluctuations in semen, by and large, have no practical effect on fertility, even if it turns out that mobile phones really can slightly suppress sperm count.

It is clear that these claims are not convincing to the scientific community, because he needed a rigorous proof. There are many fine laboratories around the world engaged in the study of radiation effects, which studied this question in fruit flies, mice and even humans (turned out to be quite easy to find people who are willing to donate semen samples). If history of infertility were true, then the world would start to die and would have died out long ago.

Current evidence that mobile phones cause infertility, too weak to challenge the world that 100 years goes side by side with radio waves. The phones do not use any special radio waves, they are generally not changed since then, Marconi for the first time with their help transmitted a signal across the Atlantic. Earlier the radio had received large doses of radio waves, but they didn’t have any problems with fertility. If they experienced no problems with fertility at such high doses which can cause harm mobile? It is difficult to understand.

Well, if you still fear for the offspring, do not wear the phone in a pants pocket.

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