How you can substitute the wipers

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2014_yPyUH4ksrWM9kSomehow, we seldom cover topics that would be of interest to motorists. Need to fix it. What do you think? Certainly among us there are men who have their own cars, and they don’t want to sit in the car forums. So, if you have a car, then this article is just for you.

Today we talk about the windshield wipers on your two indispensable. As a rule, you don’t think about windshield wipers until this time, until they are really needed. The paradox: it is at this point they will not work!

You got hit by the torrential rain and the windshield wipers malfunctioning, that’s bad luck. And all because you’re lazy.. It was necessary to monitor their condition. That can happen to your janitors? Well, let’s see:

1. Dirty tracks

They leave dirty tracks on both sides. This can occur:


  • Worn blades;
  • A dirty windshield or wiper;
  • Something with liquid for a windshield wiper.

Before you change the wipers and try to brush and replace the fluid. Before you clean the wipers with a brush, wipe them with a rag soaked in hot soapy water. After you have cleaned Kronk soap fashion, wipe it with rubbing alcohol. This will help to get rid of the streaks on the windshield.

2. Wash in one direction only


If you notice that your wipers wash water in one direction only, the reason can be:

  • Old and solid wipers;
  • Wrong size.

In any case, you will have to buy a new one.

3. Drops do not fall


Usually your windshield wipers can easily cope with this problem, but it happens that the drops linger and dance hot tango on your windshield that starts to distract you. Most often this happens in the case if you have dirty glass. Try it a Jolly good clean. If this doesn’t help, maybe you should think about using wax for the windshield?

4. Sound


There is one more infuriating thing is the sound that can make your wipers. The reason for this would probably be a bad fit janitor: under the leaf drops of water and here and there chasing the wind. The blades should be tightly contact with the glass and be parallel to it. If you see any deviation, then go for a pair of pliers and slightly bend the blade.

5. How to prevent

Do not forget about the simple rules that will help you to avoid damaging the wipers:

  • Regularly replace the brushes on the wiper;
  • Use to care for the windshield water-repellent liquid;
  • Check the pump for the washer fluid;
  • Check whether there is leakage of fluid from the fluid reservoir;
  • Get rid of debris.


You see, it’s very simple. Follow these steps to keep your wipers. They repay you with gratitude and will not fail in the crucial moment.

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