How you are affected by music

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_11iCBbbW8hmx3You may have heard many times that music affects the formation of your personality, your intelligence, mental abilities and psyche. But is it true? In this issue, scientists often contradict each other. For example, scientists from Rostov Rostov medical University revealed the dependence of human intellectual activity from the tonality of music. In their conclusions they came to the conclusion that music is very influenced by human activity, and minor sound, for example, slows the thought process, worsens the perception of information, in other words, reduces mental activity. Majeure sound, on the contrary, increases mental productivity by 7%.

On the other hand, the doctor of medical Sciences Yakov Khananashvili, convinced that only the composition of classical music can stimulate the brain. This genre of racism seemed a bit unreasonable, so we decided to see what they say about the relationship of music and the identity of the other scientists.

We turned to recent research psychologists from the University of Cambridge. And it turned out that the human propensity to one or another style can show his mental tendencies. For example, people who like avant-garde jazz, Scriabin or hard rock, inclined to systematize, to look for patterns. But people who are inclined to empathy, prefer a more «light» music such as classic jazz or folk. To find out, scientists had to increase study more than 4 thousand volunteers who were exposed to psychological testing.

A similar study can be interpreted as follows: people who increasingly manifest and experience their emotions as well as experiencing the emotional suffering of others on themselves, it’s better not to download the challenging or extreme music. But cold, calculating individuals who love to analyze, evaluate, and organize, I like to listen to or technically difficult the music (vanguard), or the music complex emotionally (intense, powerful, extreme genres).

This is a fairly large-scale study suggests that music can affect human character. Though, perhaps, human nature can bring to any genre.

There is another study that was conducted by researchers from the Heriot-Watt University. They are the first who proved that between music and nature has a certain dependence. Their Guinea pigs they found in the Internet. 36 thousand people agreed to take part in the experiment. Participants were asked to get into pairs and try to identify the traits of their partners on the basis of the 10 most listened songs. For analysis, we chose 5 qualities: courtesy, integrity, emotional balance and openness.

Here the conclusions reached by scientists:

– fans of Blues creative, communicative, polite and arrogant;

among jazz fans are most often found creative, friendly people with high self-esteem;

– fans of classical music belong to introverted type of personality, but despite this, have a high sense of dignity and remarkable creativity;

fans of rap sociable and slightly egotistical;

among the Opera lovers belong to the gentle, open, creative personality;

– fans of country-and-Western distinguished by their hard work and the ability to easily find common language with others;

– fans of reggae (reggae) have high self-esteem, creative and sociable, but hard work is definitely not about them;

– fans of rhythmic dance music extraverted relate to personality type, have certain creative abilities, but do not have good manners;

– fans of indie (indie) low self-esteem, they nitrotoluene and often are poorly educated;

fans of bollywood (music from Indian films) are very responsive and friendly;

very often fans of heavy music – heavy metal (heavy metal), hardcore, etc. – low self-esteem, but they have a great creative potential.

In General, it becomes clear that music somehow affects our lives. Our ancient ancestors were preparing for the hunt, listening to the rhythmic sound of the drum. The same was done in the middle ages, when, speaking in the campaigns, the people took with them, and musicians.

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