How was 2015

As said ledbelly grandpa Yeltsin: «It was a tough year.» Not even heavy, but rather crazy. We suspected that this could be read in history books that it happens, but strongly hoping it bypasses us. In the last days of last year, when seemingly caught the same Christmas mood, even when the snow is gone, the whole mood was hit by two pieces of news: the death of the last rock-n-roll David «Lemmy» Kilmister and the show with Maxim Galkin.

But the loss of Lemmy causes melancholy, after all, a man who spent his life faithfully justified the honorary title of rock star, sitting on alcohol-drug diet. Died at age 70 after living a rich, fulfilling life without suffering, without suffering retreated into the rock-and-roll Valhalla. But the series in which Galkin came to England 6th-century modern Moscow, causing the same disease that killed Lemmy.

All the same: the news is not very cheerful. So we decided to sum up the year. Later Irada Zeynalova, but not too late for your parents that at the holiday table will remember what happened.

The trend of the year

The main trend of the outgoing year were the bans. Ban on anything, most often on something quality, for example a holiday in Turkey and absorption of imported cheeses. It was so impossible, that even crushed by bulldozers in the middle of a clean field. And those who dared to steal the coveted flattened piece of cheese, handed over their neighbors.

And then the closing «Lurkmore», and blocking the favorite shelter with all sorts of providers, and lives in perpetual fear of the anti-piracy law. If the ban also «Torrents», then we shouldn’t be surprised by anything. Even the fact that you go to jail for holding a peaceful demonstration.

Another trend was the massive Russian citizenship in American fighters. Legendary boxer Roy Jones ceased to be legendary exactly when it began to appear in the news broadcasts most of the President rather than when it is «put» in the second round. All in the third «rocky» won the who is more trained, and not one who was showing off for the cameras. His countryman Jeff Monson last years screaming louder than others that feels like a Russian, too, followed the example of his black friend, lying knocked out in a few days. after receiving citizenship. Maybe it’s a diversion?

Film of the year

Do you remember such a word as «Leviathan»? Forgot? Not surprisingly, there was a movie earlier in the year, caused a lot of noise. Nobody wanted to be regarded as an art film unit – only as a tool, defame the bright image of Russia-mother. Public figures shouted, «you lie!», and the country is not so bad, the priests shouted that the image of the priest intentionally distorted. But besprovodnaya the greyness of the far East landscapes and the typical life paintings snatched a Golden globe and even silenced the most high-profile politicians. On the contrary, they have argued that «Leviathan» is a national treasure, because the film was nominated for an Oscar, and the country froze in anticipation of the coveted statuettes. All who criticized this movie, hoping that the evil Academy would give the prize denigrates the Russian reality of the film. But the Americans and everyone here is broken. After the awards about the controversial film all have suddenly forgotten as if it never existed. And with it the scandalous «Fool», and even about a pretty good series of domestic production «Method» started to forget.

And film of the year, judging by the box office and expectations, of course, became the seventh episode of «Star wars», what is there to argue.

The result for the year

A hospitable and compassionate Europe reluctantly opened its doors to meet the numerous crowds fleeing from Africa and the Middle East immigrants. They fled not only Syrian refugees, and along with evil spirits from Africa, or rather those who managed on mattresses and makeshift rafts to cross the Mediterranean sea. Ran and the Kosovo Albanians who don’t know what to do with their new homeland. In short, Europe, long since caved under the yoke muslimskih, fun hinted that in 20 years the President of France will be called Mustafa, and the typical resident of Berlin is to walk in a burqa. And only the brave Bulgarians hung on the border of the banner, which warned of new citizens about the lack of prospects and work in their comfortable country. Well, guys, there is nothing but Azis-Masisa. However, they did not know that immigrants not something that the English do not know how to read.

Infopovod year

This nomination was claimed by many but defeated by ISIL. During this time, Iraqi hot Lebanese guys have done a lot to destroy the ancient ruins of Palmyra and several sacred tombs, to punish little boys alleged that they instead admired the prayer pigeon penises, and even to change their name to something more delicate – DAYS.

Our country to stay in the side could not. Not finishing off the some of, we sent native troops to fight for global happiness with the militants.


And in sport scandal after scandal. Especially in football, where he quarreled with all permanent Duce Blatter was accused of corruption. Blatter in the result removed, but has jeopardized the holding of the world Cup in 2018 in our state, they say, everything is bought. The country is tense, and for whom a lot of stadiums built? After all, in life you will not be able to recoup Volgograd, Saransk and Kaliningrad clubs. And will stand? But nothing happened until done. Blatter’ve driven, so international muscle-flexing can be great concern all walks of life. Our athletes were disqualified and accused of lying, defects and doping. It is clear that this reaction is a tantrum, because they use all, but they, of course, does not cling. Athletes, as we know, the most common sports atheists, ready to stuff yourself with anything. But that does not help, because the summer in Rio, we are left without medals in the most generous prizes discipline.

In addition, the country appeared sports channel «Match-TV», in which a portion of air time talking about how to make a vitamin cocktail of celery and another part Sergey Shnurov is trying to make football more interesting transmission. The channel was not the worst, but more controversy his leader — Tina Kandelaki. What relation it has to the sports not know. But with its presence connects all the troubles and failures of the channel. Recently so in General, Zhirinovsky demanded to remove it after the angry reviews of Mikhalkov. Blame — again policy, Kandelaki was fired too, like the commentator Andronov. A fired-would — everybody would say thank you.

A little more about football. Drove completely lost touch Capello, drove Slutsky and with difficulty squeezed into the Euro in France. Now I have to watch in the summer of commentators will justify our team in matches with England, Slovakia and Wales. Alarmingly, while the hilum is at the end raspryamivshis Igor Akinfeev, who missed 37th goal in a row in the Champions League.

Heroes of the year

It’s hard to choose. Maybe Navalny is trying to bury the success of the family of the Prosecutor General Chaika, denouncing his sins in his documentary? Or figurante case «Oboronservis» Evgenia Vasilyeva, escaped punishment and rivet the songs and clips in a state of house arrest? Or maybe Sergey I. Pakhomov, raised a wave of popular love after appearing in «the Battle of psychics»? Or maybe goat Timur, tamed and paruchuri lion Cupid? It is clear that once again was won by Putin and no one else, but I want to create intrigue.

Surprise of the year

Here we are at a loss whom to choose. Then hieromonk Photius, who, thanks to the power of God, not only won the singing show «the Voice», Vsevolod Chaplin, who gone too far so that began to irritate not only the laity but the clergy, who drove him out of the Synod. In response, the ROC predicted imminent collapse. One of them is better is up to you.

Scandal of the year

It seemed that all would cost a typical secular showdowns for the sake of PR, between Vasily Utkin, and Tinatin Jorjadze. But then spring came, and Utkin White, watered each other with tons of the contents of the rectum, somehow forgotten. Was a thing more interesting. But first, all young people note: never remove the act of his love on the phone. Even if the object of love was went hand drunken freshman. This was to teach us the story of Irina Sychev and her act of love in a public toilet at the dedication. Doubtful, Madame, that didn’t go to the police, they took a beating, and not passed the blood tests, didn’t say anything to father and mother, and then with the glasses and the scarf showed up on a talk show, where she began to tell everyone how she was violated in the toilet. Be careful, young men, ladies are sneaky.

Problem of the year

The main problem was not even the confusion and ethical problems, in particular problems of grief. Once again distinguished cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo. January 7, at their office was attacked, which killed 10 magazine staff and 2 police officers. An angry Muslim didn’t like the cartoons on Islamic themes. Then the world swept empty and insincere mob (as well as all the other mobs) titled «Je suis Charlie». Then we Charlie loved. Fallen out of love, when our crashed «Boeing», and Charlie immediately drew a new caricature. From love to hate, as they say. However, when in France there was a serious terrorist attack, millions of avatars again was painted in the tricolor. We already wrote about these events in detail, but what I want to say: such a level of hypocrisy was not long ago. The feeling of belonging is killing common sense, and any tragedy turns into a farce.

Song of the year

In music this year, nothing has happened. Absolutely nothing interesting. The good old bands like Motorhead, Bloodhound Gang Blur and, no surprise, releasing solid, but no more albums. On the other side of the river genres of music fans tried to surprise The Prodigy and Chemical brothers also released a great album, but unfortunately, everything is relative.

As such, the global hit in this year. And in our country. Blessed by Satan and demon Femaledom song of the group «Time and glass» on the «Name my favorite». I want to wish the creators of the song all kinds of diseases.

Regarding the Internet, in the beginning of the year all were heard, but rather were carried away by the clip Marie Madeline «Swimming pool». But before the end of the year the community has chosen to look at a different NASA – MC Pharaon and his stunning smash hit «Black siemens», which tells some crap about the black Stalker in the dead myself. Even this song has become a folk than anything else. Even more than the long-awaited album Oxxxymiron’a.

Game of the year

We wrote a lot about computer games, so for those who live with a controller in hand, to announce: it was definitely «the Witcher 3», «Follaut 4» not even close to lying.

The word of the year

Of course, the word «hard». Thanks to Dmitry Malikov for it. After his «tweets» I want to grow hair and to go to his wonderful concert in the Oktyabrsky concert hall on 29 January, beginning at 19:00. It really was difficult.

The anti-hero of the year

All 365 days I have lived, but mostly on the head. Hardest beat economy that almost forced Greece to slam the door and leave the EU. In our area a little better, the crisis hits the pocket, and looking at the ruble and the oil price, the heart bleeds. The Minister of the economy in General frankly stated that we should eat less. Then the money will remain, and will be an aristocratic thinness. Really want to go back to 2007 where it was more prosperous and better fed. But the Prime Minister said it was impossible.


A world on the brink of alarm events, even Prime Minister Medvedev said that the problem will be, but it will be good, and advised to remember the action «Immortal regiment» on may 9 as the most joyful event of the year. Really touching moment, but I would like to bring joy to us not only the past but also the present…

But let us not lose heart, and so every year something scary, but we’re still alive, and persimmon is missing.

Next year is the year of the monkey. On her no hope, the 12 animals of their obligations is not justified, one hope amoebas, beavers and worms. So hope no one, only yourself. Fallout will not be, that’s for sure. Good luck to you, and I want to quote the brilliant Alexander Shirvindt: «Try this year to turn from APE to man». Or in the words of Georgian journalist cusanelli: «Live a year so that well-wishers from despair watched the series of BI-BI-SI and whispered to himself: suction». Be cool like Boyarsky in the movie «the green-eyed taxi». Happy New Year!

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