How to write a love letter

lubovni sheetIf you’re not afraid of a serious relationship and even have a steady girlfriend, this post is for you. Girlfriends love different manifestations of romance, perhaps the most important of which is a love letter. This is one of the oldest ways to talk about their feelings: a love letter appeared the same time and love (well, and the possibility of writing to formulate my thoughts).

Many women at least once in their life, wrote (and still write) a love letter. But as men differ in temperament of women say they find it difficult to talk about feelings and verbally Express their emotions — why love letters has traditionally been considered the prerogative of men.

It is not always easy to Express these feelings towards the woman. It is easier for us to Express our love with actions. We think we already clearly manifest our love, because in the end, do we not clean up, go shopping or make them hot sandwiches in the morning on the weekend? Our actions show how we love them and how we correct them and we think that this is enough.

But women understand each other. Women will definitely appreciate displays of affection, but their brains are somehow more focused on verbal expression than ours (we are very different). They want not only to see but to hear the words. They want to know exactly what’s going on in our heart.

But it’s very difficult to find the right words to describe your feelings for someone, and give them a more or less poetic colouring. It is especially difficult when you’re sitting next to her and trying to remember what you wanted to say to her. And here comes into play the love letter.

Generally writing a letter is very romantic. This whole quest! Let’s start it right now.

Why write a love letter

Undoubtedly, the early love letter was much more popular. Imagine this: men went to war or went on a journey and not see their favorite women for months or even years. With the development of new technologies and modern means of communication, love letters and letters in General, were forgotten.

However, a letter written by hand, still not extinct, in part thanks to the grannies, and partly because paper letters have a special charm not possessed by any single new means of communication. This is something tangible we can touch him, transfer to another person — for example, children. Letters to cherish and cherish — who protects and cherishes texts?

Love the letters you write to your wife or girlfriend is the proof is in the relics of your story. They show how your relationship developed and she will keep them until the end of his life (if you’re not gonna break her heart and then she will break or burn them).

Your favorite do not have to go somewhere, so you wrote her a love letter. It is appropriate, even if you have been sleeping on the same bed. It’s a way to talk about their feelings were more zealous than you usually do.

Friend will never get tired to listen to her beautiful, lovely, wonderful and how you love her. She will never ask you to stop. She wants to know that you still love her like the day when you met him that last Monday you loved her the same as ten years ago. She constantly needs confirmation of your love.

How to write a love letter

If you love someone and you’re a writer, write a love letter for you — time to spit. Then just take a pen and paper and go! If you’re hard romantic to make your idea, now we can help you.

1. Start with designation of the purpose of his letter. You want your friend from the very beginning realized that it was a love letter, not a shopping list and not an attempt to Express dissatisfaction with your relationship. Start as something like: «Today I was thinking about how much I love you never found the words for it. So I wanted to sit down and write you a letter to let you know how strong my feelings».

2. Turn to romantic memories. What is good in relationships, in addition to other advantages, is the fact that you have a common story — a unique story of your love. So another good way to write a love letter — to appeal to the memories it will bring her back to the very feelings, the most precious moments and make up some points, because you also remember it. For example, you could write: «I still clearly remember the moment when you came on vasino party in that awesome red dress. You smiled and his smile lit the room. I immediately realized that I want to meet you. I went into the bathroom to gather in the fist of his will and to put himself in order, and to think that I’ll tell you. But that didn’t make sense: should I come closer to you as I forgot all my prepared speech. I was blinded».

3. Now go to your feelings for her in the present. Build a bridge from the past to the present, for example: «Now we’ve been together for three years, and I still bow to you» (bow? I’m not too far?).

4. Make a list of all the things that love about her. Before I get to this part, I suggest you make a list of these things on a separate sheet of paper. Think of her appearance, her character — you’ll remember a lot of things that you like about her. Now go to how to formalize this idea in a letter: «I really think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I love to feel your legs intertwined with mine and to smell your hair. Your smile makes me rejoice even in the bad days of my life. I love your laugh and your ability to laugh in any situation. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me, from the delicious lunch before you do the massage».

5. Tell me, how did your life change due to your meeting. «We compliment each other. All these years were the happiest in my life. I was very lucky: my best friend, my other half always there for me.»

6. Once again write about his love. «I will always love you no matter what, in sorrow and in joy. I’ll always be true».

7. Finish strong phrase. «I’m ready to grow old with you.» «My love for you will never end».

Wow, I feel sorry for myself that I wrote so many sentimental and bombastic words. Why not do it for a friend!

It’s okay if the style will be rough. The main thing is to write everything myself, it does not borrow words. Sincerity she will appreciate much above the smooth composition. Write what you feel. Be honest.

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