How to work with your smartphone in the winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and according to fans of the series «Game of thrones», «Winter is coming». In any case, you need to prepare. And those bro where winter descended, too, can listen to our interesting tips.

Now the era of capacitive touch screens, which are known to not respond to touch, and warm. But how can that be, when winter comes, handles the same freeze, and gloves to remove do not want. There is a solution, friend. Just get ready to work with your hands.

First, you need a silver plated nylon thread. Google where can order. The fact that silver conducts heat well, and we do really need.

Arm with a needle and thread. If leather gloves, then take the needle thicker. Then put the thread in the eye of a needle, make a bar tack. Now your on that finger, which you often poke screen, a good-sized star, like a good print. But no ordinary star, but the kind you can put on the keyboard. This figure will provide the best coverage.

Now hands are freezing and the screen quietly questing.

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