How to work two hours a day

Pora was.kom.ua_14.12.2014_qRM2hCuIv1yL6Henry Ford was the greatest automotive genius of the 20th century, but he drove us to a realization of his ideas about the eight-hour day. For those who love their work, but also do not mind not to work, this essential limit can be an obstacle to sunlight and fresh air, beyond the box office. At the same time each of us spends a huge amount of time browsing pages and sites on the Internet, which, to put it mildly, does not belong to the work: during the morning hours Breakfast, afternoon break, in the afternoon or in the evening before going to bed. Let’s try to reshape the time that you worked less and rested more.

1. Use kiedron

manygoodtips.com_14.12.2014_1TTcMVvFkR0TZYou haven’t heard about coverone? Dude, it’s because you’re way behind the modern life. Well, because we just invented this thing. Imagine how much time could this save you: find the drone clings to his coffee, and he flies up to you with a fragrant Cup of hot. So, it has built in heated liquid. Plus, this drone comes with slucajno and chartroom.

2. The practice of full immersion best way to arrange a high-quality immersion therapy to get rid of all external stimuli. In a perfect world you would have to cut off my ears or eyes gouged out, but you need them for work, so this variant does not roll. So you only have to shell out huge headphones, and even better – on a helmet with built-in headphones. Use these two videos to create a need, not a distraction from my work day.

Video 1

Video 2

3. Keep a list of important things at hand. Literally

By.kom.ua_14.12.2014_8QbqtAFbMs9UqYou used to record your long and short — term goals on a piece of paper or in an electronic organizer of any type, but the paper may tear or get lost among other paper, and on your phone or tablet as usual take the battery. The memory is better not to remember, because this is the worst joke in the world. All ingenious is simple! Put everything you have on your hands.

4. Remote work in the toilet

Poradi.yak.ua_14.12.2014_fWKprbNyorc5kThe most difficult step in the list. Yes, we understand how important it is to use the toilet for its intended purpose, but we also know that your five minutes of deliberation on the toilet turn into a half hour stuck in the smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is a real waste of time. Always and everywhere spend time with benefits, physical and mental.

5. Use the students potential to complete the program

manygoodtips.com_14.12.2014_944APE7ENzoQmIn our days to get an Intern for their personal use easy. Take one hungry student, promising him mountains of gold and following in the footsteps of our ancestors, who lived until 1861, asking forced to feed you lunch. Follow simple instructions in order to avoid legal problems:

You: «Hey, buddy, are you busy?»

Intern: «Not really, what happened?»

You: «could you help me in one important matter?»

Intern: «Of Course!»

You: «do You mind if I asked you to feed me this fiery soup while I work?»

Intern: «Excuse Me?»

You: «I’m just saying that employers in our company is very respected and valued interns who are their superiors soup for a busy day.»

Intern: «Hmm… In that case… I think it makes sense.»

You: «Sure does! And it’s not even violate your rights as a human, right?»

Intern: «Even I see no reason to think about such things.»

You: «Weird, just write down our conversation and grab a spoon. Later, I will assure it notarized.»

Intern: «Well! You are a wonderful person!»

You: «You too!»

6. Don’t go the distance

manygoodtips.com_14.12.2014_Ank5lcznpeXqzIf you have a reason to leave the office, take work with you. Sign important agreements, deftly maneuvering between the business centres on your trusted bike.

7. Fun caffeine-taurine train

Porada.kom.ua_14.12.2014_ytP64j9zCacLrPut in front of him on the table all previously purchased shop counter with energy. Don’t let your mouth naughty: drink some Red Bull – flying kiedron call.

8. Hire skilled assassins know that through the Internet you can order just about anything or anyone? So why not hire a friendly team, armed to the teeth with machetes, and give them a clear goal: if you don’t get out of the office in two hours without performing the required work, then they will need to eliminate this lazy object. That is, you. The best motivation in the world: work or death!

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