How to win the battle against man Boobs

how to get rid of man BoobsAgainst the Boobs personally, I have nothing. If they are female, of course. Boobs — the embodiment of a world of goodness and perfection. But with the man Boobs is still very different. The worst nightmare of all men — man Boobs. Remember the character in «Fight club» in the name of Big Bob? I always felt sorry for him: because of his large Tits, and because of his illness. But at least he had a good reason to have these Boobs, but the fat guy there’s no reason.

Let’s see the truth: no man wants to wear a bra. If you grow Boobs, you will cease to feel attractive, and you will plummet self-esteem. Every dude knows that the best way to attract a woman is confidence. How to win in this battle?

You have to control your diet and perform special exercises. And remember: if you don’t stick next time on the beach you’ll be different from his girlfriend.

Why grow man Boobs

There are two reasons why you can get a chest. First: weight. Man Boobs are composed of fatty tissue overgrowing on top of the pectoral muscles. A well-known myth: you can reduce them. Ha! You’re not able to point your body where it wants to store fat, so I have to lose weight not only Boobs, but all body.

To remove fat from the body, it is necessary to do cardio and strength program and follow the diet. You need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight. This means either increasing calorie consumption during the day, or to reschedule a diet to get fewer calories with food. If you’re smart, you’ll combine both.

The second reason why men grow Breasts, the health — gynecomastia. This is a hormonal disease where the body produces excessive amounts of estrogen and reduces the amount of produced testosterone. Gynecomastia is often found in the result of the medication that affect the hormones. This can occur if someone is suffering from a testicular tumor, which occurs increase the production of estrogen.

To recover from this, to go to the doctor. Most often, the patient is given anti-estrogen treatment. Surgery is necessary only if the patient is not getting better.

Exercises that prevent man Boobs


The cardio will help you burn a lot of calories at the expense and to achieve the calorie deficit needed to win over the man Boobs.

1 — Training interval. Training interval is the best choice, because it speeds up metabolism. As it becomes more intense, the body begins to metabolize more calories — even after you’ve finished training to recover and rebuild the chest muscles that you have built up.

Training intervals should last 20-25 minutes, and during this time you work in proportion 1:3 (the ratio of heavy to light loads). Ideally, we should aim for 20-30 seconds of hard training combined with 1-2 minutes of light cardio, 8-15 reps.

2 — Running. In General, the best form of cardiovascular load for weight loss is running. However, if you have problems with joints or you hate running, there are some other fairly effective methods.

3 — Rowing. A good trainer for real rowing or Canoeing. Rowing — great exercise for fighting man Boobs, because there is an active upper body. Rowing helps to create a relief chest and burn fat.

4 — Elliptical trainer. Cycling is a good cardiovascular load, but it focuses more on the lower part of the body. Many people choose elllipticheskie exercise machines for cardio. This machine helps to burn calories on the hands and feet and easy on joints.

5 — Sports games. Don’t forget about traditional sports. Tennis, basketball, hockey and football — are suitable cardiovascular activities because they involve the whole body, with short breaks to rest. To play sports is a great way to burn that pesky fat that won’t go, and therefore, prevent the appearance of man Boobs. Moreover, a team sport brings.

Strength training

Strength training does not burn as many calories, but they help to build muscle mass. In the body the more muscle, the more calories it burns a day. Strength training help to become strong and to develop the relief muscles, and when the fat will come down with you, you’ll look much more attractive.

1 — Press from a breast sitting. Sit with your back close to the machine and slowly push the weight straight across, and then returned to its original position. Watch your breath and movements. Perform four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

2 — Crossover-trainer. Hold out your hands at shoulder width, holding the handles of the simulator, slightly bend your elbows and put your feet shoulder width apart. Slowly put your hand in front of him and-cross them. Come back to starting position and repeat. Concentrate on the chest muscles, move your hands with them. Four approaches, 8-12 reps.

3 — Exercise with dumbbells. Sit on an inclined bench at an angle of 45 degrees with a dumbbell on yourself, put your hands at the sides (but not below the shoulders), and again join hands like someone giving me a hug. Four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

4 — the Bench press. Lie back on the bench and slowly push the barbell straight up. Make sure the back does not come off the bench, raise the bar on exhale, lower on inhale. Similarly, four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

5 — Push-UPS. Push — UPS are a great exercise for the upper body, it can be done anywhere. Put your hands on the floor shoulder width apart, down to almost touch the nose of the floor. Pause for a second and come up. To make it more interesting, try to do pushups with cotton: when you fall, rise up with force and slam the hands, and then quickly put your hands on the floor. Four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Buy a jockstrap, not a bra

Don’t give men Boobs to intimidate you. While you adhere to a healthy diet and regularly performing cardiovascular exercise, you will not touch this issue, unless is a medical reason. If this is the case, then no amount of exercise from the disease will not save. As soon as you notice the first signs of man Boobs immediately begin to act to stop the disease in the beginning.

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