How to win coy

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2015_QAVBghLdGSLPEThe majority of girls who go to crowded places, the direct opposite of them: they don’t wait the moment when will again be at home, take a book and turn on soft jazz (I imagine the thoughts of humble girls that way). Usually attractive girls motivated, not suffer from self-esteem issues, and feel comfortable in society. When women are aware of their attractiveness, they rarely demonstrate modesty or excitement in the presence of the opposite sex, but from time to time it catches the eye of a quiet, modest and a little self-confident girl who feels uncomfortable in the spotlight. To get closer to these girls is extremely difficult — usually because they are adept at defense. Although some tips can help you.

1. Don’t try to change it

It modest. Let it be modest. For some unknown reason to us, men, it seems that under the guise of a poor sheep is hiding a passionate tigress, which will escape from the cage. Dudes think they are the same trainers that will free the tiger. Well, this myth lives on thanks to the fact that men have a big ego. Not all women have a tendency to a career in porn — and God is with them. Better to just smile and say, not trying to arouse animal passion. So you’ll seem to her much more interesting.

2. Sastri attention to her favorite topics

If you want to win a shy girl, you can’t just start flirting: she sees everything a little differently. Your appearance certainly plays a role, but if you want her to like me, it is better to achieve this through conversation. It is certainly much more like to talk. We all have our favorite topics of conversation: music, travelling, exercising — whatever. If you understand what she likes to talk, to develop this theme, and it will be opened to you. Shy will appreciate your efforts, especially if you’re not just listening to her speak, but saying. Always show interest even if she loves to talk about gardening.

3. Invest time

If you want to be wooed by modest girls, get ready to spend time on it to sit beside her to talk. If you have it not a priority or are you interested in several girls, it is better not nalivaika on this option. She will always laugh at your jokes, will be taken by the hand just because you’re witty. Try. If it does not respond, continue the conversation for as long as it does not soften and do not realize that you are worthy of attention and actually a good guy. More emphasis on the intellect and the emotions, man. Caution and gentleness is what you need.

4. Meet up with her in a quiet place

Crowded bars and night clubs it will get scared because she’s just not used to such an atmosphere. A modest girl by nature, rarely goes out and has fun (it’s kind of cute, admit it). Therefore, after the first acquaintance is better to meet in more quiet places. Maybe this way she will feel cozier and livelier to react when sitting in a cafe, drinking his latte and sees a cute guy opposite. If she’s worried about the huge number of people around her and forced to shout in your ear, do not expect good results.

5. Curb your enthusiasm

Modest girl does not trust dudes who change women like gloves and look like a womanizer. So change your approach. Less pressure, more personal space, don’t lose your temper and do not nalivaika for quick success. She won’t favorably respond to a cheeky toothy guy who is too confident and knows what women like. My usual pressure is halved and not make any sudden movements.

Prude put up these walls and surround them with moats, but they are worth our efforts. They are incredibly cute and restrained, and seem to be not sexy, and comfortable — and this is also something to eat. Remember our advice, be flexible, and you will succeed.

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