How to win a fist fight


Of course, the vast majority of men’s publications will tell you, man, what’s the best way to win the fight — just don’t join it. But don’t think that if you take this view then it is automatically better than his opponent and is immune from trouble: where is the guarantee that tomorrow you won’t be lying face down on the pavement and try to get up to collect their teeth? Despite the fact that this is not legal, sometimes you have to fight. And it should be done properly. Most people sincerely believe that the attempt to avoid a fight is something good, as a man who doesn’t want to fight, is a coward. We are not saying that fighting is okay, it’s not even close to true, we will tell you how to defend herself when necessary. I think that after this article you will reflect on your physical state and going to be recorded.

We guarantee that if the battle against you will be a man familiar with martial arts, the chance that you will merge and turn into shit, very very big. This article is about how not to lose face.

Position your body

This may seem like absolute heresy, but the position of the body during a fight is half the battle. The located your feet and legs, depends on how much energy you can invest in the punch. Basic strut — bent knees, not so that you can feel the tension in your hips, feet shoulder width apart. In no case do not stand on solid legs only bent more stability. Strong lead foot (for right-handers — left, for left-handers — left) get a little forward lean to it. There are many different hand positions to save his face in integrity. But we can offer you the most common way that leaves the Boxing hand position. Strong hand (for right-handers — left, for left-handers — left) put up a bit ago, another hand to put a little higher, covering her chin. The chin should be touching your chest, otherwise you have a very high chance to become invalid (suggest to take a look at the Assembly and understand why ). To protect the chest a little put your elbows as close to the edges. Posture should be the same as the guy in the pictures above.

Never immerse the defense, never: this is the best chance though as-that to survive in the fight. Remember to keep the chin pressed to the neck, protecting the neck and the submandibular space will reduce your chance in the future well to spend money on doctors. Look right at the enemy and not at his hands. Try to take this position and do not panic. Fear is the little death, as told in the book «dune». In our case, it’s more than just right.

Hands and blows

When you throw a punch, remember that you have to put force on feet, the strike must be applied to all housing. Use the power of inertia, physics is on your side. Don’t forget to move aside, to step back (not run away, man), but avoid various obstacles.

Now you need to understand how, in fact, to beat hand. No kicking the edge of his hand in the spirit of Hong Kong action flicks, remember, friend, that that same Bruce Lee practiced their movements over the years, and the hand gently «washed»… gravel. If you have no training, just hit, like a fist. The only problem is that some people don’t know how to make the most of a fist. Keep the four fingers together and large put directly under them on the outside. It is best certainly to hold something in your hand, so you will reduce the space between your fingers and bend the arm stronger. It can be anything: dirt, coins, phone or any other object. Don’t let your thumb move to the side, the whole structure must be a monolith, not is bent bulging fingers, just trying to portray any black man from the ghetto. Are you going to stuff the ass!

There are a few basic strikes, which you probably know the films, Boxing events and other things-other pieces. Strike with a straight arm, no bending of the wrist: firstly, chance damage wrist enough, and secondly, the impact will include not all the energy will pass on to the leg. In fact, you’re simultaneously with the straightening of elbow at the arm—shoulder move forward and put in hand all the energy. Don’t do any punches and uppercuts, if you never trained them to do (a year in the school of Boxing in the childhood doesn’t count!).

To take a shot, hit forward. Seriously, dude, you minimisethese distance between you and the opponent, reducing the force of impact. Keep breathing, just keep breathing, adrenaline will not let you feel bad: it will block pain, but the lack of access to oxygen will kill you much faster.

Watch where you’re kicking, it should be done correctly, if you’re not Bruce Lee or doing a kickboxing class, kicks your feet, you make it worse: they will open you to strike, and to catch your leg and knock you on the floor is always possible.

It is possible, you don't!

Really powerful attacks with a cross section and shit coming from the elbows and knees. Seriously, this is a very good shock. The only problem is that you need to keep the enemy as close to you, that you will agree, unpleasant and difficult. If you have a bag, you can pay foe it. And for God’s sake, don’t forget to protect your chin and keep your elbows right.


The rapture is the most unpleasant part in any battle. The main thing — to come out of the seizure as soon as possible. Let’s say that you grabbed from behind.

  1. That there are forces opponent’s feet on the foot that will get him a lot of unpleasant seconds. He can jump up and down on his foot — the effect is the same.
  2. To head the ball back may well save the day if you have to immediately on the face of your enemy.
  3. Cool fingers abuser. Not the wrist, namely the fingers, continue to do so as long as it won’t let you go or until your finger will not be broken.

If you’re on the floor, then try to minimize the loss or to rise.

  1. Keep your head and don’t let them climb on top of you.
  2. Go to the side or on your stomach.
  3. Fight like the devil to climb.

Try to minimize the distance. Kneel with the knees and try to rise to his full height.

If you’ve got the advantage and your opponent is on the ground facing you, kick him right in the face. If the opponent is lying on the abdomen or side, make a capture of his neck and the soul of a bitch! If you didn’t, break something: hurt the knee, tibia (not yourself) to reduce the possibility of prosecution.

An extremely difficult situation

1. Your opponent is much superior to you in strength or simply significantly more (which is often almost the same thing)

Be faster, stay away from him. Try to avoid bumps, one will easily throw you to the ground and crush you to this big guy will not be difficult. Fair play: find a weapon, drop some sand or something heavy right in the face. And for the sake of the great Holy cow, don’t hit him in the balls. Beat in eggs is not only not a panacea, but is most dangerous for you. I hope the child you clearly explained that not to beat the eggs — men’s this unspoken agreement. Besides, what’s the chance that the guy won’t come around immediately, but the pain won’t make him rage and desire to beat you stronger? Violated this Covenant will be beaten long and cruelly. Feet. On the head. Better, really, in the face to light.

2.You’re surrounded by superior forces of the enemy

Also still the shit, man. Find a weapon, try to bring someone out of combat for a while. Do not let yourself be surround — you’ll just bury. Beat in the corner, attack the first who comes to you. Fight like a beast!

3. The enemy melee weapons

Most often the knife (thanks, Captain Obvious). Because its so easy to carry! First, remember that we should stay away from the damn blades. Make between you and the knife was as many obstacles as possible. Use something like shield. Make the knife had been either knocked out of the hands, or the blade stuck in your makeshift shield. Remember one thing, man: fight with knives — not like in any movie. You need to have very high dexterity and other skills to avoid the blade. Even a mild blow to the soft parts of the body not the sharpest knife will make you bleed: the blade of the knife (and especially a razor) leaves your body, the cuts, many of which require only stitching. For the sake of experiment give his friend red (erasable!) marker and try to arrange with him the match. After the match, count on your body a number of markings with a marker. Look at the places where the blow fell. If more than two (and friend), congratulations, you have critical injuries. Stay away from the knife.

Of course, our advice is not a panacea, they do not have hope. But the most important thing in any fight where there is no other choice but to fight, to be the husband and not to shake. As mentioned Tyler Durden from «Fight club»: «in the end, the chance of survival of each of us aspires to zero».

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