How to wear ripped faded jeans

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_aIEmCC7xkeSiFAt all times, and that is especially scary in any weather on the street you can find guy who differs with their beautiful legs, provocatively peeking through the cuts in the jeans. It would seem that the fashion for them has passed a long time ago, but in fact it has never been interrupted. Aged and faded jeans always hung, and most likely before the end of the ages will be hanging in the same stores on the same hangers.

Wearing ripped jeans everywhere, absolutely everywhere except in those places where the appearance depends on the etiquette. That is to hit a theatre in rags, even adorning himself with a white shirt is somehow wrong. To go to the office or business meeting is also not particularly reasonable. And personal advice — do not go to meet the parents of your girlfriend, otherwise they’ll think you’re a drug addict. Older people, even this «older generation» that would not wear, consider this tattered and worn piece of clothing in some narcomaniac and believism. Normal, earns because people won’t walk in torn pants, he’d buy a beautiful classic pants, shiny lacquered shoes, and even comsol, tails, a top hat and coat, as Lensky in the Opera «Eugene Onegin».

Really ripped jeans are natural casual that goes well with different jackets, some jackets, boots and sneakers. However, they have more restrictions than normal, for pants.

Stylish ripped jeans can be worn by men of any age, most importantly, to have pretty good built figure. Remember that you will in any case to see, so think, are you ready for such attention or not.

Women’s t-shirts


In the 90s, when holey jeans just started to get into fashion, they were worn exclusively uploaded of the guys breaks out with testosterone and only in summer the entourage of Miami or Los Angeles. Since then much has changed, now they are in a harsher climate, not only in summer but also in winter. Clothing rebels tamed, and made compatible even with jackets. But do not forget the proletarian rebellious roots of this attribute and its canonical combination of white or solid black t-shirts and sneakers of any color. This is a classic brutal image generated by Axl rose and the remnants of glam-rock culture.

Same story with longsleeve, switchtime and all that is usually called a bit rude with the word «jacket». It is desirable that they are not too colorful and delicate flowers. And despite a summer taste to wear a sweater, and a turtleneck sweater with those jeans, and this is strongly encouraged. Only sweater on the wide binding looks are not very logical.

Blazers and cardigans

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_Yyj4TmrpWtW22Now, in an era of experimentation, when the canons break with the speed of the cardboard houses during the earthquake, when the classic style of casual bar like diluted beer with water, ripped jeans began to wear with almost anything. With the exception of the left is that classic clothing. Here it is important to maintain a healthy balance. To mix classical and carelessness is possible only in case, if not broken 70% of the legs with the legs slightly frayed and slightly torn. A classic is a classic, and numerous Islands of your skin under the coat will look at least wildly.

Why wear jeans under a blazer and classic shoes is not permissible. But if you wear a casual jacket, all restrictions are canceled. Moreover, recently it became permissible to wear ripped jeans with a white shirt and tie as a way to rein in torn jeans and add a dash of style to your look. It is desirable that the jacket was light in color or smooth fabric, so all together it looked even neater and more solid.


According to fashion stylists, the perfect combination for every day — ripped jeans with a shirt, painted on a darker tone. If you plan on going to a meeting with friends or in a temple of fun, choose shirts in bright colors or decorated with geometric prints. Try to follow this trend: if the tank and shirt are not white, they should be darker jeans. The rule not only works with black jeans here, rejected all the canons.


Matches perfectly with torn jeans this essential attribute of the male wardrobe as the white shirt (it goes with all, even with shorts). If the top shirt are not wearing anything, it is better to wear it untucked. If there is a cardigan, jacket or blazer, it should be refilled.

The same rules work in a plaid shirt — the eternal and immortal. What is another plus of these shirts in their Shoe versatility, combined with them as loafers and heavy boots and bright sneakers.But the shirts in stripes or very colorful flowers in combination with the protruding from the holes in the rack will not look very nice. Scrapes and paradnosti and put the way a certain diversity, and then there’s the top strip.


manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_ptjKHc2nTelpyMany people ask: what about outerwear? No problem, coats and cloaks look good worn with our destiny and the time jeans. But only if the knees of the jeans do not fall. After all, these items of clothing are more to the classic fashion and, therefore, wound on the jeans should be adequately small size.

What about leather jackets? Remember bikers, carefree, smelling of tobacco, beer and fuel oil of angels roads. Each biker jeans there are different degrees of potrebnosti, they do not throw them away at the first hole. It’s not just pants, it is a cult. On the contrary, sometimes they are so torn that they look like rags, but didn’t look any less cool. Therefore, the combination of leather jacket and ripped jeans to be, to be another. Even if the jacket of light leather. By the way, with a black jacket better fit jeans dark tones with light — absolutely any.

But on the parkas bombers and say nothing, they were created under a ragged pattern of his trousers. But with the jackets it is better not to combine, it is no less a loss than melting under the jacket. Well, health is not very useful.

Denim clothing

With regard to jeans, these trousers would look great with a denim jacket or a denim jacket of any color. The rules for combining colors and shades are the same as with classic jeans, it is necessary to achieve contrast between the top and bottom.

This can be done through the use of a belt (preferably brown) and different denim shades the top and bottom. No matter what is lighter: pants or shirt.

But to look absolutely beautiful and create a stylish contrast, it would be nice under it all to wear black or white t-shirt.


Ripped jeans can be worn with almost any kind of Shoe starting from moccasins and ending rag sneakers. Even the Church seem quite appropriate, not to mention the high boots. But in any case do not take starchy, fluffy classics — it will ruin all the efforts to appear beautiful and fashionable. It’s like, what to wear pointed shoes under sweatpants.


But they depend on other components of your image. If you have chosen bold and bosyatsky bow, it is the perfect complement to the cap. If you are an adherent of classics, hat. And what of this? In the 21st century, and hats are even with the Bermuda. As stated in «Arizona dream», «Even if you walk down the street without pants, you have nothing to be ashamed of your ass if you were wearing a hat».

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