How to wear pink and not be disgraced, summer is almost here, and you’re probably wondering about the change of wardrobe in the direction of lightness and lightheartedness. But remember: it is important not to overdo it. Many men are not shy of pink color and do not think it is solely the girls: Bruno Mars is removed in a stylish jacket in the Groovy video for «Uptown Funk,» and Elvis Presley 50 years ago was a pink Cadillac, pink blazers and not only.

Anyway you can see how many famous personalities, and ordinary folks on the streets who are not afraid to wear pink. And he still can not decide? Well, today we’ll help you decide how to wear the color pink to not look fabulous fairy.

If you think that pink is not for men, persuaded you will not, if you want to stand out and boost your confidence, here’s a few stylish tips to solve but, as always, to you.

1. Accessories

manygoodtips.com_18.05.2015_P8Q7T6ZX4vwKALet’s go on a literary journey – from small to large. It is much easier to get used to the color, gradually adding it to your daily life. No one will judge you if regular Tuesday you decide to come to the office in a narrow pink tie. Or, for example, want to dilute your normal appearance pink sports watch type «G-Shock». Only without fanaticism – hot pink backpack or a silk scarf in this color can not be understood.

2. Shoes the classic British brogues can be pink. Of course, the question here is not about «soft-pig» color and a deeper shade. If you think that the shoes must not be «garish», you can choose a pair with partial pink accents and the sole, the laces or socks (not stripes and decals brands, please!). With regard to athletic shoes, here, you know: world star does not hesitate to flaunt the pink boots, begovaja and sneakers of famous brands. If they can, then you should try it!

3. Blazer

manygoodtips.com_18.05.2015_z0fc5vWCymt9qWearing a pink blazer to the mind. It is not suited to all things, but to decorate a casual look you can. Even if you feel uncomfortable, you can always take it off and stay in the classic black trousers and a white shirt for example. As a holistic suit pink jacket and pants look not only extravagant, but also very stylish (even if you are over 40). Another thing, do you need to stand out?

4. Pants/shorts

manygoodtips.com_18.05.2015_DeUKGEGOZUFRfWith pants harder. You must always remember about the right combinations and proportions. The probability that you make a mistake with the selection of the image is very large (this is one of those times when it is better to ask advice from his girlfriend). Pants should not only fit but also complement your whole look. In principle, Brixham requirement is the same. Most importantly, do not walk around in a bright beach pants in the city, and the rest will follow.

5. Basic things basic things we mean plain t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers and sweatshirts – all that you can easily find in any Mall. There are a few important rules. First, remember that colorful things will quickly fade and lose their shape, so pay attention to quality and material. Here you will help brands such as «Lacoste», «Nike SB», «Zara» etc. secondly, let’s dispense with deep V neckline and strong obtyagivayuschie. Third, if you want interesting prints or labels, think about it, are they really that funny?

6. Shirt

manygoodtips.com_18.05.2015_q5hTcKPWxJbqXThe days when a bright coral shirt was in fashion, gone. And it’s very good! Now, if you set out to find a pink shirt, pay attention to a calm and light tone. Don’t forget that the shirt should feel comfortable. The shoulders and collar must perfectly fit the size. The part should not be too narrow – you still need to move and feel comfortable. Pink checkered shirt – is also a great option to combine with a casual jeans and sneakers and classic office style.

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