How to wear flip-flops and not to embarrass myself

how to wear shales

A wise man once said that every story has three sides: how do you see her as others see her, really. When it comes to summer footwear, there is no more sensible advice. If our will, we would walk barefoot 365 days a year, or I’d kick it in the shale to the end. But the side «as you can see other» ‘d never suffered for this state of Affairs. In General it is best, as usual, the middle ground — and the most truthful third party. Of course, to carry slates convenient and practical, but, you know, man, that walking barefoot is not appropriate in any situation. So let’s deal with these stupid slates.


Watch your feet

Summer is the riskiest time. Not only that, you show your legs to everyone you meet and cross, you’re still hurt can. So always follow the condition of their feet, pay attention to wounds and blisters. If such appear — cover them and walk in other shoes for you. Yes, and in relation to others compassionate: you yourself like girly, whose feet often pozaklasny a patch?

Pick up the slates by size

Spanking slates that large, you hear a mile away, and with small fingers fall out — also still the same picture. The size may surprise you, because they are usually made for two sizes at once: for example, they can be written 42-43. One rule: they must end in time for the heel. The size of the slates must not substantially different from the size of sneakers, always try these first.

Change shoes

Unlike shoes, espadrilles, and other things, shale needs to be changed every summer. And it’s not even to keep up with the latest fashion trends, although it also makes sense. The reason is that shales are easily damaged due to the interaction with the sun, sand and salt water, if you went to sea or (this is lucky!) live there. And Yes, the refresh rate of the collection of oil shale depends on how often you use them, but better still to have spare when you go on holiday — then you’ll thank me.

Wipe them

Age shale short — just one season, and sometimes even less. Fortunately, and care for them is simple: wipe them each time after use. If these are flip flops from foamy material, simply wipe them is unlikely to help, but you can wash them with soap and brush. If that doesn’t work, trash them! What a shame.

What not

To go to work in them

The ban on job number one — is slates. For anything in the world. Even in this work, which gradually turns into hours-long extravaganza news, contact, check your email — no. And not even in order to walk to the cooler. Maybe you work in one of the newfangled tech companies where you can lead your dog where you can even do Laundry while you drink your latte and a crossword puzzle? It seems that the slates are suitable for such work, but there are two problems: the hair on your big toe and whooping rang out in the hallway until you triumphantly March up to his office. It’s not serious, dude. It’s a job, not a backyard.

To become Chippenham

There are a lot of shale, but we still recommend you to stay at the very simple and proven: the membrane between the fingers that are attached to the flexible sole made of foam or plastic. All of these things with cork and wood soles, weaving and other-other things will make you a hippie. Do you want to be a hippie?

To walk long distances

Shale is a very, very specific shoes. They cool going to the beach, hang out in the heat or just relax on Saturday afternoon. But if you apply in other circumstances the results will be terrible. If you pass into shales more than two hours without stopping, you can terribly wipe his feet, and still get a sore back, and Achilles tendons — and lots of fun.

Feel the pain

Any shoes worn without socks, it is a source of risk: there may be cuts, blisters and scrapes. The problem is not only in your shoes, but also in the environment. So just pay attention to the pain and change shoes if something goes wrong. And, of course, look at his feet.

Good luck with shales, man!

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