How to wear a suit?

Poradi.s. ua_25.02.2014_wt0MnKWRUbUKIThere comes a time when you have to wear a suit. It is believed that such a thing as a suit is not to everyone dude, and hell is not true. You know, it all depends on what you suit. Even in the shitty suit dude may look like Barney Stinson from the TV series «How I met your mother», but in a nice expensive suit you’ll look like a crazy city, and ladies will run away from you. Suit or well sits, or sits not matter. It makes you cool, or ruining your look on the vine. So how do you wear a suit?

1. The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel


It looks harmonious. Blame the structure of the eye and the sense of symmetry of each person.

2. Slim lapels — modern fashion. Wide lapels — old school


Choose what you like.

3. Square breast pockets with them sticking out of a piece of fabric or handkerchiefs — great idea


Importantly, the color of the fabric contrasted with the color of the tie. It will add a little bling to your look.

4. Ready mass marketby the jacket should sit normally

It’s not made to order, not taken in specialized stores jacket, and jacket you bought in any men’s store. An important feature in choosing a jacket that is not paying attention a huge amount of bro — as you sit shoulders. The shoulder pads should end at shoulder level, and do not hang around in different directions, like the wings or horns. Unfortunately, many guys forget about it and look ridiculous.

5. The collar of the jacket should fit the body and constitute an integrated whole with lapel

If not, then you picked an unfortunate jacket. And who said that wearing the suit easily?

6. If you’re not going to a funeral, you choose the graphite-colored suit or gray instead of the usual black


Dark grey is a universal color and goes well with more colors.

7. Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as the shoes


It’s a classic, man. You know, the ladies can and can not do, and here it completes the image and makes it negationem.

8. If you want a less formal appearance, choose a jacket with one button


And don’t think you seem like a hipster, you’re not!

9. If you want a more formal suit, you should double-breasted jacket

Of course, some people think hiprofile, but it’s more reminiscent of a soldiers ‘ overcoat. Better pick a suit with notched lapels.

10. Special hanger keeps your pants, but few people know that to remove them it should be like this


11. The jacket should not be too snugly to the body

Between the jacket and the shirt should be free to take his hand. Freely, man!

12. There is a special guide for choosing the color of suit and shoes


13. You need to sit down, and then unzip the suit


Otherwise, it can spoil.

14. A Windsor knot is almost the best option


Importantly, of course, to note the presence or lack of double chin. If it is, tighten not worth it.

15. The choice of a Windsor knot or provintsialnogo node depends on the size of your head

A small head — polusinteticski node, the big — full version.

16. Make sure your socks are OK


They are not a contrasting color? They have sufficient length so as not to embarrass anyone with his hairy knuckles?

17. The vest worn by the special rules


If you want to wear the vest, that’s fine. Vests usually are worn with single-breasted jacket. If it’s cold outside, you can take the sweater vest, it will add heat. Last button of the vest should be unbuttoned always.

18. Tie always darker than the shirt


This is a banal contrast. Butterfly, by the way, is also a concern.

19. The tie does not touch the belt of the pants

He’s a little shorter.

20. The jacket should have a sufficient length

The length must be such as to close the zipper on the pants and belt.


21. If you sweat, wear an undershirt

Not just dark, man! This is a very bad idea.

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