How to wear a suit in summer to sweat

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_VTYq7YyOTQqSTIn summer, when melt asphalt and burn the forest, to wear jackets do not want at all. What can we say about the costumes. So go sweaty, and in the textile baths feel like you’re a fish, which is dipped into the aquarium from sweat, or like you’re caught in the rain. But not important, important is that there is sometimes gritting my teeth to get on the ceremonial outfit: a diploma, a friend’s wedding, a business meeting or going to work. Sometimes you have to spend long hours in costume in the sun, although only a couple of hours to be covered later in the business shell, being in a stuffy subway. So try to figure out what to wear, how and why in the hot summer time.

1. Underwear wisely

Now hardly anybody wears it, but if my mother taught since childhood to «hook top», then just trust me: it’s not necessary. Two layers of clothes, one of which is quite dense, and so will create the feeling like you’re not in his jacket go, and in the swimming pool. Well, if shirtless live does not work, potrata and buy the product of a special absorbent cloth. It will be hot, but not wet.

As for the pants, than they are lighter, the better. Otherwise, at the end of the day the legs will rise streams of genital sweat. Pretty nasty, huh? Away so tight knit, there’s my boxers! Only comfort!

2. Out lining

If you buy a suit for summer, choose no lining. This small detail will make your stay a suit isn’t so painful. With summer blazers, of course, simpler, they are sewn under a scorching hot summer asphalt streets and tailors for the sake of humanity I prefer not to hem the lining.

3. Wear wool

This may seem strange, but that wool is easier to breathe and, consequently, make you less sweat. Therefore, you need to choose a lighter wool suits, not the thick armor for Hiking in the lair of the frost. By the way, a light wool suit and adds importance. Fit successful businessman, who doesn’t want retreated to a meeting or go to a business meeting in a disreputable, crease linen suit.

4. Tie only in extreme cases

Many tie are not only using the heat generated by the graceful neck node. Many spoil their appearance unbuttoned the top button of the shirt, which hangs under the neck loop. If possible, eliminate it out of summer. If not, put it on when needed. There is an opportunity – take it. If you caused the head, tie and go. If the road prior to the event or takes a large amount of time, it is better to tie the loop on arrival at work.

5. Deodorant is important

So, comrade, don’t forget about deodorant! Take the one with no aluminum. Such deodorants are on your favorite white shirts remain a pernicious and unconscious yellow spots.

6. Choose your paint colors

Know children of different years that dark clothing attracts the sun’s rays. Of course, the white suit can only afford the main character of the television series «Wild angel». Only the white trousers under blue or grey jacket! Fortunately, there are many more or less light shades. Of course, the classics has not been canceled, and the grey and black jackets are appropriate even in summer. But here’s outwear beige is a win – win summer. In addition, the fashion straight from the ‘ 70s are returning the costumes in shades of blue.

The blue jackets can often be found in the hot season, but the suits are not so common. God be with you, around pink blazer – wear. Only we are not responsible for the consequences and what people will think. Yes, summer is the brightest time, I want a fun and cheerful colours. But for God’s sake, don’t dress in yellow and bright green suits! They do not try, you will never be extravagant fashionista like Bari Alibasov.

Well, back to the suits gray. Shades of grey, as we recently told vulgar literature, very much, but our choice falls on a light-gray suit of lightweight wool. This is perhaps the best, most elegant and rigorous version.

7. Give attention to the feet

It is no surprise loafers on his bare feet, wearing with a business suit. But if for you it is very intriguing, choose thin socks and light shoes. The leg, of course, is not very convenient. But it’s better than to pour the rest of the day a liter of water out of the Shoe.

8. «Trinity» – no

Forget the combination of a vest, pants and jacket. You know, summer vest – the third wheel, and it is prudent to get rid of. At the same time and outwardly the image will look lighter. You can, of course, to exchange the jacket for a vest, but there is a need to adapt to the event and its benefits.

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