How to wean your girl to do a selfie in the toilets?


Hi! Expensive edition of a wonderful magazine I want to thank you for your work and other contributions. We all love you very much and You’ll read until my eyes fall out of orbits, although with your advice we will probably become immortal, and our eyes are healthy, and the mind clean.

The question is very simple but maybe the answer for You.

How to wean your girl to do a selfie in the toilets?

All the best to You.

The answer

Hello, dear charming readers. From your words we have ever moist – it’s so touching. We will continue to try to bring you up to full moral and physical immortality. But as they say before the execution, «enough of sentiment.» Let’s get to it.

Selfie beach generation. No one gave the exact answer what it is: a mental disorder or it is a natural thing.

It seems there is nothing wrong, in the end, there is a more shameful methods Samooborona and affirmation, but annoying. A kaleidoscope of repetitive photos, but still in the bathroom, angry. So we can help you.

The easiest method is to take the phone from her. However, it is useless. My favorite is that is a long time to freak out, then let you, find a new Beau, he’ll give her the phone, and selfimage will continue.

Then what to do? Someone’s hoarse voice from the guardhouse shout: «Beat it should! There will be bruises to be photographed will not be!» So no, she will photograph those bruises and write what a bastard her boyfriend is. So it is not our method.

And what do you do? It seems everyone knows what to capture yourself on film in a place just the top of stupidity. Moreover, even the most zealous representatives of the God of the cursed cohort called «TP» stopped doing it in the toilets. Matured, I realized that it is not solid. Here she will eventually realize that it’s time for this stupidity to end. The number of likes will decrease, rave reviews will come to naught, and then you tell her playfully, but kindly hint, saying: «Murzik, toilets pictures only acrobats, degenerates and members of rural minorities. Maybe we should do a really interesting photo?»

It is not necessary to spend all her baldness, accusing her of stupidity and excessive «collective-farm», might be offended so that then sadly you will have. This should be done tactfully. Became the example of those who really knows how to photograph. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if the extra coin is, give her a normal camera, let them out to play. And then, instead of self-portraits, you will be to nervous breakdowns to please the urban landscape. However, it is possible that the camera does not give her the same impression as the strainer on Ellochka-ogress.

Another tip: casually show her all sorts of materials, from «funny» jokes in the video and pictures, where this Vice is condemned. If you are confused by only having a toilet in the pictures, you just talk to her, convince that there are more suitable places for this, and if you want, I’ll take a picture (although selfestem taken photos themselves). And tell what people think about those who chose the toilet as a photo Studio.

This is a very delicate question, and, unfortunately, the best doctor from selfie time. So please be patient, continue to hint and promote more traditional methods of photography or take your girl with such an ugly blemish – then heaven help you.

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