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This happen terribly sexist. Already the horror takes! As you know, girls love to act up. Sometimes frankly bad. Sometimes it’s just unbearable. But we have to somehow wean off of these disgusting habits! Especially the girls at heart, not mind: after all, it is a no attention. The main thing to remember is that for learning new habits girl takes time, patience and diligence. Well, a little affection with understanding. If you do not find a habit on our list, maybe you’re just exaggerating, and the vagaries of no.

1. The girl started to be lazy in bed

Previously it was the passion for good, jumped on you and tried new poses. Come up with your. And now she looks thoughtfully at the ceiling, and in her view it is clear that she is thinking about changing the tile in the bathroom, not about you. Take the initiative in their hands and shake the girl! I think that you yourself have long ceased to do something new. Try new poses, stop acting by the old algorithm. And… turn on the music. And the initiative will appear!

2. Constantly offended

Resentment is the normal state for girls. So it attracts your attention, so she keeps you on your toes. Well, at least as a girl brought up in the family, in society for using women’s blogs and magazines. Oh, and girlfriends.

How to get rid of it? Inaddition to eliminate the cause of resentment: my finally your Cup. And sometimes it is enough… for the lack of rudeness. Can just get up and leave, and then come back and apologize. Girl this would like, and she will soon get used to it.

3. Says a lot and chatters

Unfortunately, girls do like to talk. But not all, know this. To wean her from this habit, every night or have supper together with her with long conversations, or listen to her in bed. The ardor of conversation and those in it ever have to end! And the girl is important to her person, without it, she withers. Whenever she tries to bother you by talking, tell me if it’s that important, talk the house for our special evening of conversation. The girl passion will be as happy.

4. She doesn’t want to do anything around the house, even to fry potatoes

By virtue of education and living in a traditionally Patriarchal country girl somewhere deep down believe that to be a hideous mistress ashamed. But some are shy and try not to notice, and some are embarrassed and ashamed. The girl who devoted themselves to a career, long study and many interesting things, don’t mind making you something. Just those girls don’t want to do it all alone. They are tired to realize that they are after work and Japanese language courses must make a three-course dinner, while you’re sitting after such working day as her, and play Skyrim and occasionally grumble: «When can we eat?» Girl wants help, even if you make significantly less. But doing and to offer their services. Don’t be shy. The simplest example: «Honey, I will clean the potatoes, and you fire! Okay?» Lady your just blossom.

5. She is terribly jealous

She flinches every time you use your phone. She was terribly worried when you’re going somewhere without her. She can’t talk to you if you linger much after work. And she’s constantly throwing you endless interrogations. Enough is enough! Like her to wean?

First, from the very first day of relationship with a woman teach her that you can often call. Or what are you accustomed to go to a quiet place to talk and nobody to bother. If you’re going someplace, don’t say that just to walk or to drink a beer with friends. Bring more clarity: I’m going running, going to the pub on the street like that with Vova, Petya and Kolya work, we drink beer, we will return no later than 12. Give more precise instructions for the actors, more details. But try not to lie. Where to go later — say, going there something there. Try not to linger so as not to arouse suspicion.

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