How to wash shoes in the washing machine

Think, friend, you have ever been instances when you were out in dry warm weather outside in your favorite white crosses, but as evil, after half an hour started heavy rain…

In the end, back home you could give a few dozen color names, which acquired favorite Slippers, and only «white» was not among them. In this, I will talk about how to wash shoes in the washing machine (bro, of course, it is possible to wash not only the white sneakers:) ).

Wash shoes in the washing machine

Pre-training Shoe before washing in the machine

1. Inspect the shoes and to ensure there are no items that can fall off in the process of washing and get stuck somewhere in the drum.

2. Then take out the laces and insoles and shoes removed large pieces of dirt and small stones and sand stuck in the soles (you can just rinse them under a powerful pressure of water).

3. Ideally, you should place the shoes in a special bag for washing. But if not — don’t worry, you can put shoes in an old pillow case and everything will be in openwork.

Everything is ready, you can begin to wash shoes in the washing machine

1. One or two pairs of shoes placed in the bag or pillow case, throw in the washing machine (to put not recommend, because there were cases when the «Shoe Arsenal» broke the glass in the door).

2. To put wash on special for shoes (if available). Not found such a regime? Then simply choose a gentle wash at forty degrees.

3. Powder add as much as a normal wash, but if the shoes were once white and you want to return to their color — add Vanish.

4. So, be sure to turn off the spin, otherwise you can kill the drum of the washing machine. You also need to disconnect the dryer (if it is) is that the shoes are not deformed.

After the wash is finished strambi shoes in white paper to give it original form. As the paper will absorb moisture, you can change it (so the sneaker will dry faster).

That’s all, I hope that the washing process was successful and your shoes looks like new.:)

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