How to use a smartphone for survival

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_Kz7F9fRI6eBREModern man never goes anywhere without his mobile phone. Of course, if you are lost in the woods or get in this mess, in the hands of you will remain your faithful friend — the phone. As much as one wants to grovel about mobile addiction, but the smartphone as mobile communication can be very useful in matters of survival. Unexpectedly, right?

Regardless, a broken phone or no signal, it is still an achievement of scientific thought, compiling the best ideas of progress. This is an amazing collection of figures and details that the creative mind can use to help survive in a variety of ways. Open your phone and look at the diversity of the pieces, it seems that they are impossible to apply to anything except what they were made to receive calls, make calls and connect you with a global network. This is not so. If there is no connection, don’t be silly, take your phone and enjoy it. Even the most expensive smartphone is not more expensive than your life.

1. Signal mirror

Each modern mobile phone is the metal, like a mirror, the layer of material behind the screen. It can function as a perfect mirror to signal. The reflection from such a surface, the rescue team can see for many miles into the land, air or water. It saved the lives of many who survived in history. You can also use the bright reflection of the month to create a flash even in the darkest night. Working mirror for the signal can be constructed from a piece of bark, gluing reflective layer to her pine resin. Also the plate can be attached to a decent height to the tree, to make it more noticeable.

2. The definition of the location

Acoustic system of the phone consists of speakers of different types, but always have a magnet. Also each phone can be easily found wire. As long as it was not from a ferrous metal, otherwise it will not be magnetic. This must be done with wire. Scroll wire, half lying on the magnet, about ten times in the same direction. If you put in another piece of iron into a small container of water on a piece of bark or a leaf for some time he twisted, and then show one end North and the other South. Magnetized part will be displayed in a northerly direction.

3. Cutting elements


Every mobile phone has a cost. It seems that this piece of silicon cannot be used outside of the smartphone, but you can do two very useful things to stay alive. Smooth scheme has a pretty decent cutting edge in one place, which can be used with a scraper or knife. Thus, it is possible to sharpen a wooden stick or cut that is not too hard. If you break the PCB into several pieces, you can make a useful cutting tool that is useful on the farm. So a piece of silicon will become more acute, it can be customized according to the shape of the tip of the spear, which in ancient times were also made from flint.

You can make some shavings for kindling a fire, you can try to defend it from the enemy, and can be used as a small knife. In some smartphones the new generation can find the plates are soft malleable metal that can be folded in a triangle, sharpen the edges and use the same purpose that the silicon tips from native boards.

4. To make a fire


Most useful for the survival thing in the phone is of course battery. Almost any battery can create a short circuit to generate a spark sufficient to ignite a dry rod or other fuel. Fire is an important component of survival. It can be used in hundreds of scenarios for survival: make a signal fire to boil water, to warm the frozen limbs, to build the tools from sticks and rocks to scare off predators or to cook food.

Countless Youtube videos showing trick with fine steel wire or shavings, which helps to get a spark with the batteries. Wire remove the fire from the battery very quickly when it connects positive and negative poles of the battery of the mobile phone. But when was the last time you took a small brush for cleaning pots or something like that in the wilderness? I doubt very much that you have this habit, and the true followers bear Grylls doesn’t have that. But if you accidentally took something like that, for example, to clean the pot during a halt, simultaneously touch a dry brush to the terminals + and -. Wire instantly blush. Sometimes you have to remove the special outer coating on the battery to do it. Make sure that the fuel for kindling ready, because it won’t last long. You can say that you only get one chance.

If you use a small piece of wire of iron or generic alloy, it is possible to obtain the same effect. Also to light the fire by using the lenses of the camera, extracted from the phone, but it is not always possible to catch the beam on such a small piece of glass is very difficult.

5. Fishing hooks or lures


Avid fisherman can look at the disassembled phone and think that some of the details of it are surprisingly similar to various fishing gear. If desired, the shiny surface of your smartphone, you can build hooks, lures and other things that will help you find the food provided, of course, if you find next to the pond with fish suitable for food. Sharp parts of the circuits of the phone and various soft glands can be customized under the hook stuck the fish in the belly, and the bright part will be to lure small fish, which you can then catch more fish. If there is a rope or fishing line, you seriously don’t have to worry about nutrition in a difficult situation.

6. Headphones as the link or network


Headphones that usually good enough to communicate, have high strength, they can be used to create snares, traps or nets for small animals. Of course, you need to possess a number of very specific skills, which in real life with a rope and some instruments are unlikely to be able to do an ordinary person.

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