How to update the interior: ideas for different budgets


The problem of capital upgrade any living space is only one — money. Not everyone has the opportunity to do a full renovation, investing hundreds of thousands on rethinking the planning of the old house sagging or apartment. The materials are currently expensive services of designers, builders even more. But eternal life in a dark cave, impregnated with years of unpleasant memories, joy no one will add. We all want the update that has nothing to do with «Khrushchev comfort.» And update the apartment, in fact, are not as costly as it seems at first glance. Here are a few affordable ideas that will help to give the interior new life.

When in the pockets of 1 thousand rubles

They say that one thousand will not clear. It’s true, given the «pleasant» aspects of our economy. But we found good options for the same amount. However, have to be creative to determine where and what to put — we are talking about paintings, engravings and posters.


Pattern — versatile option for every budget. The possibilities of modern printing is such that a layman would be difficult to tell the original in the handwriting of the artist, from reproduction, which was created by the machine. Therefore, even cheap picture doesn’t look cheap, especially if you choose it wisely. Here, of course, you must focus on their own taste, and it can be disgusting. But do not worry. Just follow the General rules: pick up pattern to match the walls; not to overload the space of the wall; to composite paintings occurred with care; don’t avoid the classic genre stories by the masters; in the bright and open spaces and love of Japanese prints; and forget about posters with cheap plots (women, cars, muscular men). Paintings can look at Artwall — prices and selection are good.

When the purse is 5 thousand rubles

Five thousand — it is «something». There are more possibilities for shopping and home improvement. Of course, options are limited, but they are: decorative items, curtains, light, vintage outlets and more. But about all under the order.


The curtains we choose, focusing on the colors of the room, and the location of the window. If you have a window overlooks the Sunny side, it makes sense to take the curtains tightly, so as not to boil. The same thing we recommend to do in that case, if your house is too close to another, and you see in the window everything that’s going on in the apartment opposite. For the comfort needed intimacy — he should understand. But if you don’t have enough light or you don’t want to overload the space a dark spot, take transparent. If you look at the range online curtain shop of Comstor, individual attention, curtains Lori (transparent and black), blunt (good for bright rooms), Aaron (give a cosiness to a room) and Anka (deep blue). They all live in the price range of up to five thousand rubles.


We used to think that the chandeliers and sconces are some of the exorbitant money. But today you can find a lot of budget materials that reduce the cost of the lamp. At the same time, they will look the same kosher and cute, and the light as well as chandelier for three hundred thousand rubles — the bulb is almost the same everywhere. But their value is not even in the cost and availability, and that the true chosen lamp can completely change the perception of the room. You can do it this emphasis that the shortcomings of the apartment immediately go into the shadows — everything will just stare at luxurious chandelier, which was designed by the crazy and talented designer.

For example, I have a chandelier similar to the tentacles of jellyfish that light up the room dim led light. To sense from it a zero (weak light), but it looks nice and better than when under the ceiling hung a massive vintage chandelier. We recommend you to look through the store Mebilion — so many choices, and each chandelier unlike any other. The prices are also fine. 5 thousand, even two or three lamp to buy.

Wine racks

It has become a classic in the tradition of modern interior design. Stands for bottles relevant not only for drinkers, which is always beneficial to keep at hand a good bottle of wine, but also for people with good taste, to which guests come for the holidays, weekends or weekdays. The owner of the house, from the point of view of etiquette, always offer to uncork a bottle of good wine, and if he does it in style, taking out a bottle from the wooden stand, then all will only get better.


I tried to make a stand, but apparently I trouble and it turned out crooked wooden mutant, where the bottle can only fall. So, if you were born in the family of a carpenter or joiner, then one way out — to appeal to the guys who know how to make things out of wood, know a lot about craft and heat treated wood. These people live in the Wine shop Wood Design. Racks for wine good quality and durable, and they are universally suitable for any kind of interior, supplementing it with his wooden nobility. The advantage of thermally modified timber (and because of it, they do their wares) in moisture resistance. The surface of the wood non-porous and dense, which increases the protection against humidity up to 90 %. In addition to wine cabinets and stands, Wood Wine Design you can find interesting ideas for interior bathroom and kitchen.

When you account for 20 thousand rubles

Retro electrician

In fact, retro rosettes are ten times less than the amount claimed in the subtitle. But we decided to put the topic of electricity in this paragraph, aiming for the refurbishment of the entire apartment. Then it will need wires, cables, frames, switches, outlets, and another twenty thousand to the apartment to meet you, if you focus on the brand of Salvador, known for its high-quality and inexpensive products.

Retro electrician is actually a very interesting topic that is gaining momentum in popularity. Just imagine that all the wiring is led outside of the walls, whereby it is not only a practical function, but also decorative. Of course, such wires and sockets are different from the ordinary. Material higher quality cable themselves are wrapped artificial silk, which can be matched to any color scheme of the room. No props in the materials: real brass, porcelain products outdoor installation, wooden frame. Moreover, retro-electrics does not imply a life without the Internet, satellite television, telephony. The company «Salvador» releases its «retro products to meet all human needs in the modern information age.

Bean bag chair

The chair bag is a good option for Studio or living room of any kind, especially if you want to save some space, because a beanbag is successfully transported due to its light weight. For example, in the case of the armchair-bag «Morocco», made in an African style, the weight is only 10 kilos. It can move as much as necessary — do not overstrain. He also does not lose its shape, and this is the eternal problem of such furniture, but in this case plays the role of a resilient proprietary filler.

In General, the use of bean bag in the context of your home, so full, and there is no harm.

New furniture


Nothing decorates the apartment, new furniture. Old junk sooner or later have to pass to the Commission, to throw away or put on Craigslist. They say that furniture has no expiration date, but it’s not. She may not be aging as fast as your iPhone, but it should be updated. In terms of new furniture, we took a course on the style of loft, which flooded the domestic street in recent years, although it is the architectural style originated in the mid-twentieth century — it is still Andy Warhol sat down, when he built his art Studio «the Factory».

His appearance is obliged loft trivial increase in the price of land in the heart of new York city, where previously stood an industrial building. The companies became profitable to build factories on the outskirts, and the old building they decided to just sell. Spacious premises immediately relished artists.

Pora was.kom.ua_2.09.2016_oOrLSI43HuppN

Bohemian Style loft and practical, provides a good illumination, versatility and some «FabriNet» in terms of design. Furniture in loft style, is, as a rule, furniture with simple forms made from natural materials. The simplicity helps to create a unique atmosphere in the apartment, and the masterpieces of man and not needed. For clarity, we show you options from the At Home Idea store interior solutions. You can immediately recruit bar chairs, various tables and mirrors.

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