How to understand the names of many famous bands

Right off the bat a small educational program. Acronym – abbreviation formed by initial sounds. Something in this list the acronym, some borrowing, and some simple distortion. What is this list? So, I decided for you to decipher the names of some groups. Popular things like ABBA (the first letters of the names of group members), Yuri LOZA («led Zeppelin, Orbison, From Top arhidemona») did not take. But if the history of some names you know, we are happy for your education as never before.


A long time ago, moved to Australia from a gloomy Glasgow brothers Malcolm and Angus young was wondering what would be the name to choose for their new rock band. The group changed its name more often than your girlfriend mood. No, it did not stick.

And then one day, the brothers visit their sister Margaret saw the initials on the back’s actually my sister’s sewing machine. The acronym is designated as «AC/DC», which means «alternating current/direct current»(in English «alternating current/direct current»). The boys thought this name could not be more appropriate, because it perfectly symbolized the energy bursting to get out of the group. Since then, the band took off, and after a few years the whole world was shaking her head and rocker «goat» a provocative, life-affirming, celebratory on all cylinders washed down one of the most iconic rock bands in history. Unfortunately, the boys did pass, after all the years of dedicated service to wear the rock music make themselves known. Malcolm young’s dementia, singer Brian Johnson is rapidly losing her hearing. So we wish good health to the most hardcore veterans.

By the way, the group has hit several funny situations because of its name. In some cultures, «AC/DC» is slang shorthand for bisexual. The musicians claimed that were unaware of the existence of this value until the beginning of their career and one random taxi driver didn’t tell them about it. Some religious leaders claim that the group name should be understood as «the Antichrist/a Child of the Devil» (eng. «Anti-Christ/Devil’s Child»), «Antichrist/Death to Christ» (eng. «Anti-Christ/Death to Christ» or «After Christ/Devil Comes» (eng. «After Christ/Devil Comes»). To explain such a coincidence can be simply the Christ of the brain.

Incidentally, in Australia, the group is also known as «Acca Dacca».


The harsh new York «CFRP» Earl Simmons like a real gangsta rapper, has experienced in his life a lot of shit. Its like any decent gangster, imprisoned for any bullshit: the possession and use of drugs, cruelty to animals. He was even sent for a year to the bull pen for what a proud son of black people as real homies, did not appease the cops and broke the rules of serving a conditional sentence. All these dark sides of a creative nature is reflected in his superhero alias – Dark Man X («Dark man X»), shortened to DMX. Of course, legend, fit the image of the gangsta Brou, but the fact that the pseudonym appeared when he was young, before he first came to the bull pen (and he’s practically spent all his youth there). And he was not taken from the dark sides of the soul, and from the name of the drum machine Oberheim DMX. What did you do for hip hop?



This Los Angelescounty electro-rap Duo recently rocked the world with its bold and blatant hits. The relationship between the two desperate boor Redfoo and Sky Blu (who in life are uncle and nephew) over 4 years ago. But despite this, fans of the group has long argued, translates to such a bizarre and not immediately intuitive (in the sense that I don’t know how to pronounce) name. Some argue that it is necessary to decipher «Loving My Friends And Others» («I Love my friends and others»), but I agree, a very gentle name for these bold and daring guys who are not shy to shake their genitals in the video. In the end, after the collapse of the boys revealed the true meaning of the acronym «Laughing My Freaking Ass Off» – literally: «laughing my ass off» (used when you want to identify very funny situation. Clearly, in slang). By the way, the name advised, respectively mother and grandmother of boys.

First, players are not able to register the trademark on the grounds that it «consists of or comprises immoral, scandalous and provocative words.»

However, despite the fact that guys have act apart and even in different continents, in 2015, they’ve filed a lawsuit against the brewing company Pigeon Hill for copyright infringement. The brewers used a recognizable acronym LMFAO for advertising your stout – «Let Me Fetch An Oatmeal» («Can I have oatmeal»). The case was settled out of court, but guys have to understand that even a few years after the collapse of the value praised their combination of letters. Or maybe just them things are so bad that they are willing to earn on everything. Or maybe just delusions of grandeur.


In this case it is more about rumors than facts. After all, there is little doubt that the name of the cult resmatering of the Jews in heels and guitars and good songs translates as «Kiss». Who would have thought that «C» is an acronym.

At the time, on duty, who don’t know what to do by religious fanatics began to claim that the name stands for «Knights In Satan’s Service» («Knights in service of Satan») that the guys always denied. Despite numerous accusations of ties with Satan and close friends with the devils from hell, Paul Stanley insisted that the first drummer Peter criss once played in a band called «Lips», and the boys thought that the name «Kiss» will sound quite cheeky, sexy and dangerous.

W. A. S. P.

Old metallugy from Los Angeles at the time also gave rise to a wave sracha and controversy among lovers of conspiracy. As not only translated their name: and sinister «We Are Satan’s Preachers» («We the preachers of Satan»), and hilarious «We All Smoke Pot» («We all smoke the blunts»), which was closer to the truth, but enjoyed great popularity very very nasty «We Are Sexual Perverts» («We are sexual perverts»). Actually, everything was easier. One of the members of the group once after the rehearsal I saw a wasp in the evening, and expressed the opinion that «Wasp» (eng. «wasp») would be a cool band name. Then vocalist and guitarist Blackie lawless told me that they have added the dots between the letters, simply because no one else was doing this, plus they only added to the mystery of the swashbuckling gang. In fact, their expectations were met.


But the new York fans of dance-punk and neo-psychedelia Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew Veins Weingarden do not have to bathe with the name. On the one hand, that is, taken from the street, from the outside world. Who would have thought that the deprivation of the word MANAGEMENT from the loud solve the problem.

Approximately so did the loud Russian guys from the group NRKTK. Dens-hop alternatives likewise thrown out into the cold all agree with the words NARKOTIKI. As they say in the subject, he will understand who did not understand – and that is not necessary. And the name really interesting, it immediately becomes clear why they gave veins Satan in his most famous song and why was not afraid to give a concert in honor of his collapse, called loudly and with taste – «the Funeral NRKTK».


In the late 70’s British unemployed have filled in the registration form to get unemployment benefits – Unemployment Benefit, Form 40. In abbreviated form – UB-40 – the symbol of the dark age of capitalism of stagnation was perpetuated in the name of the most successful «white» reggae team on the planet. Now they almost do not remember, but 50 million albums sold worldwide speak for themselves.

R. E. M.


Tried a bunch of names, even such slop as «Twisted Kites», «Cans of Piss» and «Negro Wives», the godfather of Kurt Cobain (they really were friends) Mike Stipe decided to take as a title the first word from the dictionary. As for evil, caught a highly specialized term «rapid eye movement», which was known even to people who are extremely far from medicine, largely due to the only the song «Loosing my religion». It means «rapid eye movement» – one of the signs «REM sleep» where we are visited by dreams. Apparently, fate plays in our lives a greater role than we think, because under most of the tracks «R. E. M.» I want to relax.

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