How to understand that you are not interested?


How to understand that you are not interested? For example, when meeting.

Short and simple question from our reader Oleg. Will try to make him a decent answer

how to understand that she's not interestedWhen a woman smiles at you and touches your clothing, accessories or hair, it usually signs that tell that she’s flirting with you, right? No, not necessarily. It depends on how she smiles and what she touches. If her fake smile, she touches the neck or delivers the other signs she’s sending you a signal that I wasn’t interested. Pay attention to the obvious signs of lack of interest: maybe she’s too polite and telling you about it so that understand it can only be an educated person.

1. Forced smile

A smile is not always good. A forced smile, it is logical to assume, means that the woman doesn’t like you. Of course you can understand that a smile is forced, that she is more like a smile, like she just bit a lemon and is trying any way it not to give. Such a smile usually comes from the comity means anything, except the pleasure of your company.

2. As she talks to you

Monosyllabic answers show that she barely restrained and barely tolerate your presence. She doesn’t think you deserve something more substantial than a simple «no» and «Yes». If he says it hastily and terse, so your chances are not very big. When she says little, she is subconsciously trying to get you on a path of friendly dialogue or a conversation on the matter. Romantic conversation usually slow and convoluted, they are not as fleeting as a 30-second conversation of courtesy in the Elevator.

3. It deals with the neck

If a woman massages her neck, that doesn’t always mean that she is uncomfortable sleeping. This may mean that she’s lying to you. If she pulls the neck when he says, as she’s good with you, is to doubt her words. On the other hand, if she massages your neck, complains that she is sick, and asks you to massage her, it could be a positive sign.

4. Barrier

If you sit next to her and she immediately moves to the other end of the room, a no-brainer: the date went wrong. If she stays with you, but fold hands or places between you purse, your works are much better. Even if a woman isn’t aware of it, it still puts a barrier between you and she wants you crossed, no matter what it is: the leather accessory or arm.

5. It is not looking at you

You can see how little interest a woman if she while talking lifts their eyes from their shoes. However, even if she looks in your direction, lack of direct eye contact » eye contact can be an indicator that you’re not her type. If she talks to you, looking you in the shoulder, arm, or if she’s staring at the tablecloth, maybe it’s time to go home alone.

6. Energy level

Even if she squishes words in a state of extreme exaltation, but she says she’s tired, maybe you’re not interested. If people are interested in each other, usually they are filled with energy, overcomes fatigue. If she yawns, it is also not a good sign.

7. The simplest on the surface

You can argue this point and say that all this is nonsense, but it’s not.

There are many ways to get a girl that hundreds of tips from our or pick-up at worst, but it will not replace natural thrust the girl to the boy. If it is not then all that will happen next is boring and refined. You’ll be able to get it a fling or sex. If this is your purpose, fine. If not, then it is necessary to work over itself, not over the girl. So. If you go to her meets, and she says no — goes, goes, gives phone number not name, etc. means no interest. Don’t try to convince him by force. Make it so that the interest arose, but how to do it — a subject already other articles.

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