How to understand that man is your true friend

a true friendFriendship is when you are so firmly connected to each other, as if you are in that position cemented. You are inseparable, you are sure in each other, and then comes the moment when «man in the mountains take it.» You take a guy, and… there are two options. Or you are real friends or not. It may happen that you thought well of him, and he took and did not meet your expectations. But happen and surprises: for example, a dude from work may suddenly help you move because he has a big car. How to understand a real friend?

To look like an idiot if it will help other

A man who is willing even to look foolish if it will be good for you, obviously your friend. Even if you just want to impress a girl.

Dude can hang out with your girlfriend when you’re not around

A true friend is not indifferent not only to you but to your loved ones: girlfriend, parents, relatives. If the guy’s really your friend, you can without fear leave him to your friend in full confidence that nothing bad will happen. He not only did not take her (why even talk about it?), but will protect and save from anything. That’s what I understand.

Next to the mountain

A true friend to perch on your shoulder if you have a bad case. He will be there if you have someone die or something happens from the same series. He’s not leaving, he will listen and if need be, tomorrow will come again.

Knows when need it

A true friend will always come to the rescue. Even when you can’t ask.

He hangs out with you until the morning

Even if you become ill, he will not lead you into another room and leave her there alone with the helicopters. No, he will go with you into the bath and will sit to be sure you don’t drown in their own vomit, as the terrible singer of the punk band «the Orgasm of Nostradamus». He cares about you.

It is not necessary to call

He himself comes. Your friend broke her leg, and that thing is worth God knows how many, otherwise all life will walk with a cane if at all. He calls and asks how much you are missing, he’s taking you to the hospital, waiting with you until the end of the operation, reassuring. And all this without a single hint from your side. He is next to him, and to him your every problem as its own.

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