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In the country to impose sanctions, the products become more expensive, people poorer, winter is coming and a lot of the food becomes unavailable. All this shaking involuntarily pay attention to the products of domestic production.

The story of my life has always been associated with cheese. No, not that I ate them, just in school I was called a Cheese. Now I got a family, and it’s time for Cheese to buy cheese. Home. For dinner. And as you know, with cheese in Russia is now tight. Those cheeses that are sold in stores, basically the same taste and appearance. The only difference is that some of them are moldy and some are not. And here’s the question: how to determine whether to be on this cheese mould or not? How to understand cheese – end, and its place in the bucket, or, on the contrary, cheese has passed into the category of SUPERCARB?

The answer

Expensive Cheese! We congratulate you with the fact that in hard times you have enough currency to buy cheese, but still delicious. In these difficult times, any food excesses fashionable to hang the label of ambiguous Epicureanism, but no one has the right to tell your gastric juice which foods to cleanse your burning waters. And is not transferred to your wallet currency like extremely useful, but more ephemeral sense of self-irony.

As for very thin, deli, delicate threads of cheese, everything is fairly simple. We won’t even have to chew to potato teterya the entire classification of cheeses. Especially now, when luminaries of the genre were deported to their homeland.

As you know, the lion’s share of the submitted cheeses made in brotherly Belarus with sincerity, who never dreamed of films with Alec Baldwin. The other part at home. And all these cheeses are made with old technology, which was elevated to the rank of a fetish abroad, and entrusted with causal place in some dairies. If the mold is on the cheese surface, it is better not to take, he stupidly lost. Otherwise, better to focus on price and appearance. If your Roquefort sprinkle with dirt reminiscent of processed cheese «Friendship», it is better not to take. If it is more expensive and looks proudly and with dignity as its overseas counterpart, you can take.

The Belarusian cheeses is not that bad. Since ancient times, the brothers spetsializiruyutsya on milk and meat products. There are still functioning Soviet Standards. Yes, they are far from the original, but not every Italian mozzarella melts in your mouth, like a timid kiss. Sometimes she’s rougher and tougher calloused hands of the Volga boatmen. On time is not necessary. With the current cheese turns often total crapshoot. Definitely, you can not buy something called «cheese product». I swear, it is better to have old rubber than a pathetic parody of a cheese, named after one of the great city on the Volga.

But hoping that another local craftsmen do not cheat polypaudio their money from the despair of the public, will offer you a number of the factors that define a good cheese.

– Hard cheeses should be purchased with a crust. It should be smooth, without gaps and cracks. Stale piece of cheese usually darker and drier the crust.

– Soft and young cheeses crust there, so here if you select you need to focus on the smell and appearance. No cheese can’t smell the yeast, decay, bitterness, lactic acid.

– The curd should not be too bright, striped or spotted. But if he’s as pale as a Swedish skier, there is nothing to worry.

– Hard and semi-hard varieties should be holes («eyes» in the jargon of the cheesemakers). With the exception of Cheddar and Parmesan. If the pattern is uneven, with the big eyes in the middle and shallow crust, so cheese made from milk not to drink, not to sniff.

Otherwise, hope to your taste. We basically are not going to write about the home inspection, because it is meaningless. Disgusting cheese there will not be. Delicious «grind» for a sweet soul, even if it is made from the dried resin and the tears of French cheese makers. Time already bought, need to eat.

And continuing to rely on the honesty family producers, it would be very useful to open a special cheese map and explore the detailed characteristics of each cheese: the pattern green-blue mold should be in the Gorgonzola; normally that Gaudi holes wider than that of the heroine of our column «Sunday house»; Bleu d’auvergne is the name of the cheese or abuse.

Russian cheese-making is not lost. It is still very young. We have a small cheese farm in the Krasnodar region, makes a great camemberu and soft goat cheeses, goat farm near Taldom, Italian cheese farm near Tver. Also worthy cheeses made in the Caucasus and in the Altai region. But produced their volumes are negligible. We have to wait a few years to the production of cheeses was adjusted, and samples of the steel is not processed cheese, but at least the Camembert. And don’t forget Pork, the Abkhaz and Adyghe cheese. Honest to God, no mozzarella is not near the most tender and delicious Pork. But it is better to buy on the market from sellers that this cheese did, or farmers. First, give it a try, and secondly, you will have a real, almost environmentally friendly product.

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