How to tuck in your shirt

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2014_5hx1RyngnLHkFYou still can not recover from the nineties, when pants are tucked not only t-shirts and shirts, but sometimes, and jackets. Forget already about this. We are not saying that you do must abandon protiskivayas shirts under the belt. Just need to know what to fill and what is best left alone.

If you do, it does not mean that it is done properly. If you do not mind that you look like a clown pederasty, then continue in the same spirit, and we ask other to get better acquainted with the technology tucked.

1. That you can fill and what not


When you need to tuck in your shirt? This is a question that is often discussed and is haunted by many. Especially girls. Here are a few recommendations:

Shirts that have the back smooth cut, that is the same length as the front of the shirt, worn over trousers (not running). But if the shirt has visible «tails», that is, the hem varies in length – this shirt is always in charge.

If you have a shirt with tails, but you can’t run, then there is nothing to worry about. Just makes you look like a teenager who came with his parents to the wedding.

Now the details:


    • Polo shirts — they have an even hem and can be worn without filling up, but often they still put their pants, especially golfers. But, fortunately, we live in Russia and we decided not to play Golf and, especially, season Polo.
    • Turtleneck sweater — when you wear it under a sports jacket or blazer, it needs to be refilled so that the belt buckle was visible. But if you decided to wear a turtleneck just like that, than not covering it, it is better to leave it unmade.
    • Hawaiian shirts — any shirt with a bright print that doesn’t run, no matter what their hem. Seriously, you will not shove that shirt, if you have already decided to wear it. With you, and that is enough.


  • T – shirts- there are more differences. Some subcultures love to fill the t-shirt to be seen on the belt buckle. And others will think you look like a nerd. It depends on the shirt, belt and pants, as well as your overall style. In General, it is better not to refuel a t-shirt if you don’t follow any particular style.

2. How to fill


If you decided to tuck my shirt in, then you need to know how to do it correctly. If your waist tapers below your rib cage, it should be seen. There should be no folds and various accordions. Otherwise, around your belly is formed a ring that will appear on the shirt. And it’s not very attracted to girls.

The most important thing. Line of buttons on the shirt must match the bunt line on the pants. Ask a friend-of a perfectionist to handle a straight line. This kind of accuracy will play in your favor. Observant people will note that you are neat and like things stood in their places.

If you chose the right shirt, it will not be hanging out in the area of your belly and create intricate patterns. Besides, if the shirt is bad or not good for you, you will never be able to push her pants she will come out and piss you off.

3. Forgotten way


You probably do not know that such things existed. We are talking about sock garters. On your friend those things that hold the stockings look very sexy, isn’t it? But if they do, we don’t know.

Previously, this kind of braces are actively used by men, and now undeservedly forgotten. Imagine this: they not only give your shirt to wear myself out with them you still will not lose socks on the road.

If you’re ready to add to everyday wardrobe another accessory, then it’s time to buy this thing.

I hope you will learn these simple lessons and you embarrass us your weekend outfit. No more excuses your shirt tucked in Hawaiian style. Big brother is watching you.

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