How to tuck in the shirt

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It would seem, turned and went, but no. Life is full of little things, the implementation of which is a ritual. The same can be attributed to the rolled sleeves of his shirt. It is summer, so tuck the sleeves you’ll have often. And we will provide you practical guidance on how to do it correctly.

Of course, there can not be the only correct way to roll up your sleeves, but some of them are easier, and look better. The purpose of our fasting is to help dudes understand when to roll up your sleeves is appropriate and how best to crank out (pardon the pun).

Rolled sleeves: when and how to wear?

1. The practical need. To wash hands, to lift something when the sleeves prevent you from straining the muscles, deal with something dirty — enough practical reasons to roll up your sleeves. Every time prevent the sleeve or can get dirty, povorachivat them. And before men still rolled up sleeves of blazers! They even had a special button to pin the sleeves in a comfortable position. Then, of course, the need for this part anymore, but some designers for decorative purposes still put buttons on the sleeves of their jackets.

2. Heat. When there are hot days, you can tuck the sleeves to the cool air fanned your hands. Here every detail counts. But relevance is a difficult question, it all depends on each specific case. I can say one thing: if you get a light, rolled sleeves appropriate. Another situation — when you work in a room where the temperature is constantly fluctuating. Here you will also no reproach.

3. For reasons of fashion. Tuck the sleeves a great way to make less formal clothing, which otherwise would look too formal for the environment; with rolled up sleeves, the man is more relaxed. For example, when you leave the office for a few less formal meeting is the best option, the same can be said for the corporate events. Shirt with rolled up sleeves — appropriate clothing for Hiking in the clubs and bars on Friday. When the party starts is a great way to understand that you don’t need to worry about formalities.

So we talked about how it is appropriate to tuck the sleeves in the office: in the trendy, informal group, it’s the norm, but in a conservative corporate environment to tuck them impossible in any case. To make sure you can see how the sleeves come with your colleagues, and even if dudes turn up sleeves, I would still recommend you deploy them ago during a meeting with an important client to give a more professional look.

So, to sum up: when you wear a shirt with long sleeves, not podrachivat them if there is any of the reasons listed above. If you tuck them simply so, without cause, you risk looking sloppy.

How to tuck the sleeves: a practical guide

There are several ways to roll up your sleeves; we’ll talk about those three that you can implement in one minute.

Here are a few important points:

  • From podchinennyh sleeves should be seen at least half of the forearm, or you’ll look like shirt is great to you and you twisted my sleeves to hand saw a white light.
  • Forearms — Yes, but not the elbows — this is only relevant when you’re busy with physical labor. If you just want to look less formal, the elbow must always remain hidden.
  • Jackets and coats usually are not rolled in (and if it happens, they rather just tighten up and not turn up) — but it is only for practical purposes. If you can do it (on your jacket there is a special button), do, but remember that this seems a little extreme.

Regardless of the style of clothing and type of shirt, there are universal ways to roll up your sleeves. They are easy to remember, easy to repeat, and they look good.

Method 1: To mid-forearm

This is the most convenient and easy way to tuck the sleeve without folds, to make it easy:

1. Undo the sleeve buttons and the cuffs break.

how to tuck the sleeves

2. Break sleeve, for once, hiding the cuffs behind the fabric.

3. That’s all, stop and carefully pick up the corners of the cuffs.

how to tuck the sleeves

As a result, you get a neatly rolled to mid-forearm sleeve. Don’t need to, he was tight: he is so well-kept. Especially good this way when you’re wearing several layers of clothing such as a shirt and, say, a sweater. The method is well suited skinny dudes.

Method 2: skilled

This method is dangerous because the thickness of the rolled sleeves are arbitrary, and you can get an asymmetric result. Good news: all is correctable!

1. Unbutton all the buttons on the sleeves.

how to tuck the sleeves

2. Break the sleeves, removing the cuffs inside out.

how to tuck in the shirt

3. Hold on to rolled up the sleeve almost to the elbow: you gonna roll your sleeves up to about the edge of the cuffs — focus on it.

yak podvorachivat

how to tuck in the shirt

4. And now start to roll until you reach the cuffs so you throw the tissue site that is now on the hand below.

how to tuck in the shirt

5. When we got to the cuffs, to act in its sole discretion to leave such a prominent part that he sees fit.

Especially looks cool this way, when the inside of the shirt contrasts with her face. Then it is necessary not to skimp, leaving the mind wide enough to tuck a strip of fabric to create a necessary contrast. And very simple to deploy such sleeve: just pull down the cuff.

Method 3: basic


He usually goes on an intuitive level. It is used for work purposes, when the sleeves should roll up above the elbow.

1. Unbutton your cuffs and all the buttons on the sleeves.

2. Overni cuffs.

3. Roll up your sleeves across the width of the cuffs.

4. Continue to roll, while on the street will not seem your elbows.

5. Governi to the required level.

That’s all our simple guidelines. Povorachivat sleeves and enjoy, dude!

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