How to Troll?

The Internet has given us an amazing opportunity to smear the enemy at a distance, to answer a sob story «very stupid», to intervene in the dispute in the spirit of «to whom in Russia to live well».

But most importantly, what gives us the Internet in the field of debate is trolling. Do it all, we can say that trolling is a good tone.

Here’s some advice from guy Alexander Amzina that may help you in the Affairs of the Internet.

Rule 1. Never give up. If you feel that the opponent is stronger, as fast as possible offer to give him up.

Rule 2. If you have nothing to say to your opponent, respond with, «for God’s sake, keep going» is all he says. Let looks fool.

Rule 3. During the battle on the forum write to his companion: «I knew it. You have not considered the political situation».

Rule 4. Never use curses against the opponent. Fell lost in the eyes of the crowd.

Rule 5. Email the reviewer: «This graph clearly shows that you’re wrong.» Attach any chart, erasing of the axis labels.

Rule 6. Occasionally respond with the phrase: «We do not argue. I’ll just explain what’s what».

Rule 7. In response to any story should say: «This has nothing to do with the topic of conversation. But thank you for sharing».

Rule 8. «Are You the smartest?» answer firmly, «Yes.»

Rule 9. Squash the enemy with intelligence, quoting excerpts from the essays of Yandex.Abstracts

Rule 10. Provoke phrase: «Hard for me, master, to communicate with you».

Rule 11. Doubt any of the sources of the opponent – from Wikipedia to the memoirs of Zhukov.

12. As soon as possible to stick to the enemy without the appropriate label. Use the expertise of opponents of Martin Eden, calling that socialist. Eden, an individualist to the core, was carried out as a small.

Rule 13. Inquire about the opponent. Contemptuously sbrosiv a few remarks, finish his sentence: «You, probably, also a fan of «Spartak». Please make sure that he is really a fan of «Spartak».

Rule 14. Try to joke, not putting emoticons. The effect usually exceeds all expectations, and the enemy in the eyes of the crowd becomes a chump with no sense of humor.

Rule 15. Leave all posts in Facebook, within reach, comment: «it would Seem, what does Pussy Riot?» Enjoy the effect.

Rule 16. Sharte and like all their posts.

Rule 17. Never click on «you» with strangers. As gently as possible indicate to the enemy that you are with him on the brotherhood did not drink. «I’m with you on the same field will not sit to shit» is not considered a soft expression.

Rule 18. Blame the enemy in the desire not to argue, and to arrange a PR.» Never give to understand, do not know the meaning of the word «public relations». They do not know.

Rule 19. A series of compelling arguments should be called a fad opponent.

Rule 20. Constantly re-read the immortal work of Karel čapek’s «Twelve receptions of literary polemic or Benefit from newspaper discussions.»

21. Unconditionally to agree with several minor parties to the dispute. In any case, do not attempt to deal with the outside world.

Rule 22. Occasionally arrange performances. For example, think of the stereotypical phrase and answer it to all the comments.

Rule 23. When you have nothing to say, laugh. «Hahahaha» or»:)))))))))))))))))))))))))» in response to the devastating it brings all the arguments of his opponent to zero.

Rule 24. Destroy the authorities. Phrase: «And is that a homosexual, which drew mixed banks» in a dispute about Andy Warhol can have a devastating effect on the brain of the interlocutor.

Rule 25. Declare that last comment caused you personal offense. Let the observers know that your opponent is a smelly bastard who does not scruple to use the most vile tricks. This technique requires the training: to respond to the most innocent of comments, those that the enemy did without malice.

Also, remember, friend, as a fatality to add something about anal sex, it helps better than the mention of mom.

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