How to trim a beard at the jawline to grow a beard guys deserve a lot of respect — we’re talking about it in the beginning of the text. However, some bearded dudes there are difficulties when it comes to giving the beard some shape. In this case, the main thing is to avoid the main mistakes not to break the line of the beard is too high — so that it looked lonely naked chin — and not to put it too low that the beard did not crawl sloppily on the neck. The correct line of the beard completes the look and makes a person noble.


A clear distinction

To make an artificial circuit is definitely not for everyone: some beard looks organic, even if its natural shape is not correct. However, for many of us the hair on the neck is a handful. They are uncomfortable, seem inappropriate — and requests the razor! In addition, please tell me, who wants the vegetation on his face blended into the vegetation on the chest? So the man ceases to resemble a man begins to be like a monkey or even a werewolf. On the other hand, even the appearance of werewolves have standards.

We offer you to shave the lower part of the beard, the size of which is different from all the dudes. Of course, the Council applies only to those who wants to grow a beard classic the most usual form, otherwise you can always look at our classification of beards to choose something more complex.

How to trim a beard

It is actually much easier than it sounds, so try not to complicate the task. Best thing goes when you stand up in front of the trellis and stock up on mirror, which can take up to assess your beard at different angles. Stand up straight, chin forward and look for the best line.


Step 1

First, imagine a slightly curved line that connects your ear lobe, passes through the jaw line and reaches the point at which your lower jaw connects to the chin. This point must be right on the Adam’s Apple. Here it is — the best line (on our picture it is blue).

Step 2

Now imagine a vertical line that runs from the side of your face perpendicular to the first, it coincides with the outer edge of your sideburns down to the neck (in the diagram it’s red). So you get the right angle for your future beard — near the ears and on the chin. The corners need to be rounded off to the beard look more natural and less square.

Step 3

Spivey all that remains beyond your lines and go. Congratulations, now your beard looks really worthy!

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