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manygoodtips.com_26.05.2015_42pyxnY0p3COXNot so long ago there was a very interesting case: under the photo with the famous vocalist «Queen» Freddie mercury there was debate on the subject of who he still is: «gay or Freddie.»

But actually it feels really strange when you find out what your favorite musician, what is called, «fooled around under the tail.» In the comments people piously believed in such unusual sexual preferences Freddie. Alas, my friend, but it is. And to keep a candle is not necessary, he didn’t hide it. Moreover, his… «girlfriend» at the time published in the Newspapers photos of their joint activities. There is a theory that AIDS has slowly destroyed its long 5 years, he picked up on tour in Africa.

However, it is not quite the usual orientation did not prevent him from being one of the greatest vocalists in music history. Such as it is, is no more. A lot of singers for the talent and artistry are ready to give their anal virginity. And in fact, in images and songs Freddie was no overt «gay stuff». He was brutal to many hard rockers, for which he was loved not only Bohemia, but also the longshoremen. And that’s when the question of idols, many homophobes suddenly forgive them «sin».

As you know, muggers and other hulls that dream of fame, success, money and big business, like the movie «the Godfather». Great film with great actors. The charismatic role – Vito Corleone played Marlon Brando, who, despite the rabid success with women, was not devoid of male love. By the way, he also did not hide. When I told this to a friend Gopnik, it is, of course, a long spit, cursed, and then said: «Well, sho, but things stirred up». He didn’t even care that it’s only an image. Dude after all your. That is, there is talent orientation. And honestly whether it’s in relation to other «patients»?

However, there are those who do not listen to music addicts or homosexuals. So, in this case, it is necessary to prohibit Tchaikovsky. The great composer, to which incline all over the world, loved to entertain the flesh with the groom. However, the current Minister of culture Medinsky argues that it is a lie and a provocation. And what he has to say. Therefore, there is problems with the creation of a biopic about the life of the great composer. The Director just wanted to point out this «feature».

To measure talent orientation – it is bestial. So, in this case you need to abandon iPhones because Tim cook is gay, and stop watching movies with Steve fry and paintings by Pasolini. But better, perhaps, in the first place to look for talent, and then later on where a citizen was attached its «patron». In any case, much nicer to listen to the great music of Tchaikovsky and Freddie mercury than active «goloborze» Milonova.

In General, you should think whether homosexuality is a deviation? From the point of view of science, Yes. Man is a normal animal with a highly evolved brain. And the goal of all life is to leave behind descendants. From this point of view, it is surely not normal. This occurs in the wild, so don’t think that «human whim». Besides, a very long time, homosexuality was considered a crime, and the love to themselves it was possible to obtain a very specific period of time. And you know what you are doing in the can. Although… almost the same as in the wild.

But in Europe think otherwise. Even the series is filmed, which clearly show the wanderings of a teenager, who accidentally stepped on my best friend. Later they kiss. For us it is a disgrace and downright lawlessness. And they let their «New rules» put the flowers of tolerance in flowerbeds fragile minds. On the one hand it is normal because the world is changing, but… do not overdo they? At such moments you understand what is meant by «law banning propaganda of homosexuality». Recently the Irish voted for the legalization of gay marriage. I thought that the home of the leprechauns, Golubitsky severe storms, Guinness and the brave red-bearded drunks, just that getting into a fight, like is unlikely to legalize. After the Irish its history went contrary to public opinion. But the Prime Minister of Luxembourg married… or married. It is difficult to say. But in Western politics, such cases are many. Succeeded Harvey milk.

And now think: your brother or your best friend, who lives not in the EU, not great and not the artist, according to you, that indulges in under the tail. How do you react? Beaten? Ignore? Forgive? But if a good man? Or what say the crowd? If a person is gay doesn’t mean he will try to rape you. They are such that will always find a partner, they’ll love it. But if you can treat him as a person? That’s another question.

The main problem of modern homosexuality – overly active struggle for their rights. I have the feeling that soon, in some countries heterosexuals recognize «defective». If earlier they were beaten and persecuted, now raised to the rank of the sect of untouchables. This is a political action, which is particularly acute before the election. As no more than a quarter of the electorate consists of «the most». And they must take what they so love, and affection.

And there are countries where picturesquely indignant, raise their hands to the sky and thwart any hint of same-sex love. Who’s so annoying? And those and others. How good it was, when gay men lived by themselves, no one was irritated and fought for equality. About them then nothing was heard, and the attitude towards them was more equal.

How to treat them is up to you, the main thing not to mix politics here, and the view of the crowd. Try it yourself to decide if you want to. If you don’t care about this issue, there is nothing to worry. Perhaps this is the right approach to the problem. Let the steamed ones whose rights were somehow violated.

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