How to treat doping scandal

manygoodtips.com_1.08.2016_CTKxbG4YkWN2xThe theme of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, finally, rises from the depths of the Russian television and goes into the field of view of cushion forces that are stationed in the kitchen all the towns and villages of our vast country. It would be wrong to circumvent a celebration of the absurd side, because boiling and the us, not only our government, and chipped injustice of local athletes.A couple of weeks ago, all outraged about the decision of the Olympic Committee, which could be different — full disqualification Russia competitions. But like all said, knocking back a few stacks, maybe someone gave on hand and now our team in the game, in the amount of 250 sober athletes, which seems like a decent number, but 176 people left behind. Their careers are cancerous — they are a laughingstock in the sports world, because «doping».

However, it is unlikely that you will find at least one athlete who truly condemns the children to a saving of pills in the stomach. And not because they support their brothers in the profession. Just the modern professional sport with lots of additives and drugs that improve the end result. Still believe in an honest sport, where people are making themselves all? We too, but this sport is not decorated with prizes. But now is the time records, when every year some good rises higher than the previous champion. If you love logic, then regular and numerous achievements it is difficult to explain the natural instincts and zeal. Or do you really think that from the beginning of this Olympic theme people become more strong, fast and agile? It’s not natural inclinations, and in the development of the various biological disciplines. Scientists can work wonders in favor of the big sports, where big money. Especially if we are talking about the Olympics, which can dramatically change the entire region, reward its benefits budget waste, as was the case with Sochi. The Olympics is a business, and show business.Just do not look at us as the last scum. We may not believe in a fair sport, but we love him to bits. And the fact that even when viewing this doping action fun you do not lose. So, they use various substances to make their work more entertaining. What? Unfair? And where in the world you found something honest? You even fooled at the supermarket, and you are athletics outraged!

manygoodtips.com_1.08.2016_HoZB9wMPBLaxyAnd the saddest thing is, we think, the situation with the Russian Olympic team, which, in our opinion, was guilty only by the fact that she is Russian. After all, it’s not doping, really. This is bloody politics breaks off another show that gives us the breath of air between sleep and work. We usually rock in our government, but then we decided to change their behavior.

Doping is the norm for high performance sport. Not only for Russian but also American, Chinese, Brazilian, British, etc. this Whole thing is a fucking farce, which makes our team the «whipping boy» when all the rest remained white and clean gloves, as if not in deeds.

And because the Olympic Committee is well aware that politics intervenes in the cocktail of doping and athletics. Will this Olympics more interesting? Most likely, she will finally come, in the eyes of our citizens, their true value — sports and political show whose accomplishments can stand on one shelf with Eurovision song contest or the Oscars, where it has long ceased to appreciate music and movies highly.

The only solution that can really destroy the whole politicization of the Olympic project lies in a simple formula — legalize doping.

Do not care, we already know that it is widely consumed by athletes in all categories, except that at the national level can’t afford — they are trying to play fair. But it would be fair if everyone knew exactly what through the veins of athletes ‘ blood with different newfangled additions, straight from the secret laboratories. We could grow a real monster of a sports business, which struggled in arenas, stadiums and Golf courses on the glory of our leisure time. And I’d watch such trash with great pleasure, really. Because heroes of the modern Olympic games is not only the athletes, it is also genetics, mad scientists and creators of medicines in private laboratories. It would be possible to add to all this the robotics to be quite futurism. Imagine a cyborg-shot-putters. The audience for this sad discipline would be increased a thousand times.Again, you think that this idea smacks of dishonesty and deceit? Don’t know me is a supremely fair to the viewers and people who spend a fortune to visit this sports Orgy. May they all know the real situation, without reservation to fair competition, which is already in the middle of the century ceased to exist in the world of sports. Or are we going to continue to believe in the execution of any of the committees, which test athletes for doping? To continue to think that they have no share? Or do you really believe that of all the Olympians scored only «evil Russian»?

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