How to travel with parents

type fatherRest with parents — not an easy task. Here you need patience and the right view of things, to the ancestors turned your vacation into a quest. Of course, they eat earlier, drink less and they can’t wait to peruse each got their hands on the tourist map, but that is no reason to become a bore who only does that hurries, hush and criticize their parents. Remember, man, they, too, genuinely interested here, and they are passionate about travel.

Tourist trips with mom and dad is a very special kind of vacation that you need some preparation. If you take some time in advance, some planning in advance, then the result will be much better than you expect.

Find out where you are going

Parents have such a feature: they like to plan routes without asking us. Maybe they have become accustomed to its status as a senior; maybe they used to tell us what to do — that is the reality. However this journey goes for you too, so try to learn about it as much as possible.

First, explore the destination or to offer their own versions. There is the advantages: together with their parents to purchase more expensive than if you were driving one, or to go somewhere you’d never been able to visit with your friends.

If you decide to go where parents want, just to find out how things are there. Look, there is entertainment for young people, that you would be interested to see what events are planned. Parents can miss this point; most likely, they will do so. And one more thing: when you find something interesting for yourself, tell your parents about this before leaving, they also have their own plans — as long as you do not violate the plans of each other.

Do not lose sight of the peculiarities of their parents. Someone has some diseases like sciatica, who likes to get up early, someone your diet — well, you know what I mean. Planning holiday with these features will do you a huge favor.

Plan your lessons together

Don’t forget that your parents are also on vacation. Parents enjoy time with their children than we can imagine, keep that in mind. Stay with them, try to have fun — then these images will evoke fond memories. Here is important delicate line: on the one hand, it is important to assert their independence, to get more enjoyment out of your vacation, but you can’t completely break away from their ancestors.

Plan several joint appearances, be sure to take pictures at the same time: it’s amazing how parents love to take pictures with the kids! The tour will surely be interesting for you and them: it is such a universal thing.

Plan your dead the time without parents

Best vacation with your parents — when you spend some time separately. Unless you brought somewhere in the crazy conditions you have in any way to be able to view and to do something that mom and dad wouldn’t approve — but without them. Warn that you need time for yourself: they’re normal guys and everyone will understand.

This, of course, does not mean that you’re not spending time with mom and dad. Just from time to time to leave and mind your own business. You enjoy your own time, and your parents will be happy that they don’t have to do these crazy things.

Pay attention to the location of your room, and here’s why. If you live through the wall from their parents, it is unlikely that you will be comfortable to bring someone to your room. And you’re thoroughly grown up, and probably you may need that. So look to your rooms were a little away from each other.

Let them pay

Here it all depends on your financial and social status. If you work a little and not very respectable, is not ashamed to take advantage of the # 1 vacation with his parents, often densely, they will endeavor to pay you — it is not always possible to prevent these encroachments. No need to feel guilty about ordering a steak: you’ve earned it, listening to the complaints of the parents on the change in time zones and climate.

On the other hand, I repeat, do not sit on the neck. Probably your parents enough to invest in this journey, and it would be nice if you for example invite them for dinner or to the zoo.


Stay with your parents doesn’t sound very cool, but, believe me, it can be fun and exciting. During the trip you will be able to improve their relationships and discover in each other something that had not noticed before. You will have lovely memories of this holiday; appreciate the days spent with his parents.

With all this, don’t forget to be practical. If the trip is not well planned out, your warm feelings quickly turn into a large number of phone calls to the tour operator and a nuisance to themselves and each other due to different inconveniences. So plan your trip carefully, meticulously, slowly; do not expect that someone will decide for you.

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