How to travel the world

To travel — always good. One is bad — two weeks vacation is never enough. Whether it is to take off a year to stock up on visas and money and drive yourself slowly across countries and continents. In fact, many are doing just that. So, what to do?

1. The project

Preparation begins with the development of the route. In his fantasies, not «jump» from continent to continent. Choose countries that border each other, because it will make your life easier. Decide that the journey is most important to you: break away from civilization, to show up at attractions or something else. After that define the dates that the climate of the visited countries you contributed.

After determining the route needed to calculate the expected costs. Excluding housing costs (see below) in countries with a high standard of living day costs at least $30-40, with a low of $10-20. On this basis, it is possible to make approximate calculations. For example, if during the 10-month journey on the day you meet the $20 and visas and tickets will spend about $1500 trip will cost $7500.

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The same amount of cash to carry is not very convenient, so it is advisable to apply for a credit card (just a few — for reliability). In case the money in the way still end, try to provide yourself with a support group, which at any moment will be able to send them to you.

2. Visa

Visa is half the battle. The validity of visas varies and depends on your residency status in the country. For example, a transit visa is given for 2-3 days and travel for 2-3 weeks or one month. In some countries visas are issued only in Moscow, but the majority — on the spot (i.e. in a neighboring country where you are going to enter).

In any country for a visa requires certain documents: passport, medical insurance, photos, etc., Consular officers like to keep in their hands the original documents, avoid giving them photocopies (except in the case of a lost passport). Meanwhile, it is noticed that in all parts of the world, red tape lasts a very long time. So, wherever you are, remember that issues with visas are solved rather… uh… special arrangement of the relevant officials. As it to win — think for yourself.

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3. Road

To save on flights, look for an inexpensive flight is a national company of the country with which to start your journey. There are always seasonal and other discounts. In flights between the two countries is cheaper to use the flights of local airlines, and ticket prices sometimes depend on your ability to bargain.

In the country you can ride on buses and trains, but much more interesting to hitchhike — not so much to save. Hitchhiking, for example, in Europe is not always free: standard fare — half the cost of gasoline. But you have the opportunity to talk with people and see the country for what it really is.

4. Food

It is always better to visit those cafes where the locals eat (and not tourists). In any case, be very careful to accustom themselves to the new food: start with light vegetable dishes, gradually moving to the exotic. Once again to protect themselves from poisoning you can do this by doing the following: drink water in bottles, wash vegetables or to cut them with the peel, don’t put ice in drinks.

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5. Measures

Unfortunately, almost all over the world theft is a frequent phenomenon, so you need to be very careful. Cash (credit cards, traveller’s cheques) and documents must be well hidden. For this approach the lining of the backpack or clothes, box cameras and even pens, the core of which are wound with bill.

Hackers have an eye on your tent, no need to stand long in one place. The camera is better to wear in an inconspicuous (not branded) handbags, because the local punks all countries of the apparatus appear to be a tasty morsel. Your backpack with things leave in the Luggage room of the stations; when living in a hotel, use safety Deposit boxes.

If you stole a purse and documents, then the money can be immediately forgotten, but on the documents to give up too early because thieves can pick them up at the police station. So it makes sense to look there. In case of loss of documents must be photocopies.

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6. Where to live

Interesting question. There is the organization of individual travelers of Servas. Now it has 14 thousand people wishing to see the world through their eyes. Becoming a member, you can visit 130 countries without paying for a hotel and staying in a hotel for 2 days (in practice it is always possible).

Before joining the organization you have to fulfill two conditions: to revive the knowledge of the English language, as communication is only on it and to host a foreign visitor (who will give you a recommendation for entry).

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After completing these two conditions, you pay membership fees (about $50) and receive a list of «safe houses» apartments of the members of Servas. Focusing on it while traveling, you can assure yourself the night in almost any city in the world. And in those places where the members of this organization do not reside, you can stay in inexpensive campgrounds, hotels and hostels for $10-15 per day or just pitch a tent in a nearby Park.

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