How to train yourself: the best fitness channels on YouTube


We write a lot about sports, a healthy body and healthy mind, driven by a variety of techniques, programs, but the downside is that when the clearly show, not to paint each exercise printed text, it turns out better. Perhaps that is why fitness channels are so popular. However, the channels became very much, and good is low. That’s why we decided to choose the best that is not only useful but very fun to watch.

Denis Semenikhin

Even if you’re never fond of healthy way of life, and instead of the fitness channels I watched a letsplay of Minecraft, there is still a high probability that you saw Denis Semenihin. Healthy, inflated, with correct language — he is often invited to lead the program, focusing on a healthy lifestyle on TV. Surely you have heard about «Balanced people», where overweight people are desperately trying to lose weight. And his name not only because of the textured appearance, but also because he has something to share, because behind him a great experience in the field of «sweat and pain» and two popular books about fitness for dummies.

But we are interested in YouTube. On his channel he shares not only the secrets of their own bringing the body in order, but borrows the best international practices, methods of training and nutrition stars of show business. This channel is for those who are interested in fitness in all its forms. Even experienced fighters fitness front will find interesting. What are his interviews with such bands as the legendary «Teddy beard» C. T. Fletcher.

Watch video Denis arciprete, as the material lifted very high quality, well-mounted, and instead of the shabby walls we can see the beautiful scenery. But most importantly — the material is extremely useful.


Avid fans a beautiful and perfect body and adepts body aesthetics need to run directly into YougiftedBB. Do not confuse it with the famous YougiftedRussia, from which he spun off, but has now become quite independent and arhippainen channel.

Here you can find recommendations of professional athletes and bodybuilders, which will help to build the athletic body from the ground up: what to eat, how to work out every muscle. Love to go to them famous personalities from the categories Fitness, Bikini, men’s Physic and Bodybuilding, and to demonstrate how to become more beautiful and intimidating.

And what is especially nice — their channel is not omnipresent, climbing from all the crevices of the advertising, which greatly increases the usefulness of viewing.

Sergey Badyuk

Sergey Badyuk all people is universal: and in films, and the TV programs leads, and conducts Patriotic work, and recently completely a little Deputy did not. But we are interested in his activities as a conductor in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, airlifting and other disciplines. Their Badyuk knows very much, including a huge number of martial arts, the names of which most of us hardly ever heard at all. By the way, martial arts on his channel assigned considerable attention, so if you were thinking of something to do, something here will surely find something for everyone. And for those who lack the skills of self-defense, the channel will explain how to do certain grips, strokes and techniques.

Baduku 46 years, but it is still in great shape and continues to compete in various disciplines at the professional level. Therefore, all the nuances and subtleties of the preparation for a competition he is called, feels and shows for yourself. Well, it’s Badyuk, and therefore, the channel will be many professionals from the world of sport who will share their secrets, to be sure.

Mikhail Baratov

For those who do not want to visit gyms, where to sign up and pay money, the only option is that the horizontal bar in the yard. But it is possible to do magical things and gradually turn his body into something strong and healthy. Yard bar is a universal equipment that can keep the muscles toned and the body is in great shape. Well, in order to use the shell to complete, it is recommended to watch the channel Mikhail Baratov, which will reveal all the secrets and nuances, cotoran will be useful including novice tourniment for the development of various elements and stunts on the horizontal bar. Some of them seem unrealistic, but only at first glance. On the channel detail, right down to the nuances, will talk about even complex elements. It is no accident Baratova today called almost the main ideologist of street sports in the country.

Yashankin Fitness

It’s interesting to watch professional athletes for whom fitness is a job, especially if they have achieved some success at the international level. This person is Dmitry Yashankin, the repeated world champion, Europe and Russia on fitness, the legendary winner of the «Arnold classic» in the category «classic bodybuilding up to 180 cm», well, in combination — one of the most successful and popular trainers in Russia.

On my channel Dmitry shares his secrets, tells and shows how to perform certain exercises by the author’s method and gives answers to various questions. Interesting to see a break between exercises.

Iron Rating

Even those who are not going to pump iron and do extreme power sports, will be interesting to see «Iron rating». There are large, strong and charismatic people tell about important events in the world of iron, introduces you to who is behind these events, and try to analyze these events.

So it’s not just a channel, where we discover the secrets of famous athletes, this kind of educational program for those who are trying to be the subject of serious sport for real men.

On the channel a lot of projects: «Iron Studio» — interviews with famous athletes, «Wrestling club» — a documentary film about the life of MMA fighters, and even a video blog about the life channel, which delivers especially. People with humor, there is something to see.

But the most pleasing people who go in there, like Michael Koklyaev, Kirill Sarychev, Denis Cyplenkov and even such giants as John Brzenk. If you don’t know who it is, Jogging on the canal, to conduct an educational program, it will be interesting. And good luck to you in the classroom!

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